What Is The Immune System and What Does It Do?


The immune system is the body’s defence against foreign cells; these can be: bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites. Once they enter the body, the immune system goes and attacks the invading cells and destroys them.

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The foreign cells can enter the body in different ways, in passages such as the: mouth, ears, nose and anus; or they can enter through broken skin such as cuts and during operations.

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When the foreign cells enter the body you will normally develop symptoms such as: a high temperature, pain, swelling, rapid pulse, loss of function or puss will develop around open wounds; these are all signs that the body is fighting the invading cells.

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If the immune system is weakened, the body finds it more difficult to fight the foreign cells and it may need the help of antibiotics.

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The immune system can be weakened in several different ways and we may not be aware that this is happening; poor diet, stress, poor living conditions, lack of sleep and long-haul flights can all weaken the immune system.

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Certain medications such as steroids can also weaken the immune system, it is important to keep going to your check ups so that you don’t become ill; many recreational drugs will weaken the immune system too.

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Bacteria and infections are changing all the time and so are becoming immune to antibiotics, these are known as drug resistant super-bugs, one of the most well known super-bugs is MRSA.

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More people die from systemic infections and bacteria than from colon and pancreatic cancer.

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To strengthen your immune system you will need to make some life-style changes: eat nutritional food, reduce stress, exercise regularly, get adequate sleep, increase in Vitamin D and take the food supplement Beta-Glucan. All these will help to strengthen your immune system and make you healthier.

Our Immune System Is Split Into Two Parts

The immune system in the human body is very complex, it is two separate parts working together, these are called the Acquired Immune System and the Innate Immune System, they are involved in the body defence system in different ways.

The Acquired Immune System

This part of the immune system is very powerful, sophisticated and highly specific as it has a memory, however; it is slow to respond when bacteria or a virus is attacking the body so it is classed as the second part of our immune system.

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When the body is under attack the acquired immune system begins to work, it learns about the foreign invader and remembers the characteristics and how to defend against that particular one. This is why we vaccinate against life threatening diseases.

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By introducing a small amount of the disease into the body, the immune system learns how to defend the body against that specific disease. The next time the body is under attack the immune system destroys it before it can take hold of the body. This also explains why it is unusual for us to catch diseases such as chicken pox and measles twice.

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Small changes in the virus can fool the immune system, this is why colds and the flu are difficult to protect against as they are changing all the time. This is another reason that it is our second defence and not our first.

The Innate Immune System

This part of the immune system is basic and less specific so it is only able to recognise a small number of invaders.

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The Innate Immune system is our front line of defence; it works by patrolling the body and killing anything that does not belong there by swallowing and digesting it. As this is working all the time it is classed as our first immune defence system to invading foreign bodies.

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Why Is Our Immune System Becoming Less Effective?


The effectiveness of our Immune System

The way we live our lives is a large contributing factor as to why our immune systems are not as effective as they used to be.

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Humans have been on the planet for thousands of years and for a vast majority of this time: soaps, disinfectants, food preservation and antibiotics have not been around.

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As humans evolved our bodies have had to deal with all sorts of hazards such as bacteria and viruses, this allowed the immune system to learn how to deal with many different hazards that it has identified and so was able to destroy them.

Another reason why our immune system is less effective is because we spray our food with crops with fungicides, the immune system can no longer recognise the yeast and fungi molecules, which kept the immune system at peak activity.

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The way food was stored played a big part in the immune system. Because we were constantly eating food that had fungi and moulds growing on them, our immune system was able to defend against these and was working at peak activity.

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Due to the way we live now in a sterile environment, our immune system has taken a big knock because the body no longer encounters viruses and bacteria in our day-to-day life. Due to the fact that our food is well stored and we keep: ourselves, our properties and our places of work clean; our immune systems is no longer at peak activity, therefore it is slow to respond to a foreign invasion.

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The over and incorrect use of antibiotics has led to super bugs developing as the foreign invasion has developed and grown strong enough to resists the antibiotics.

Malnutrition also plays a part in the strength of the immune system. Today the way we eat can cause malnutrition, by not eating a well balanced diet with plenty of: nutrients, minerals and vitamins the immune system can become less effective.


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