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Massa staying at Sports car
9th October The year of 2010
Ferrari have been keen to dismiss promises that driver Felipe Massa may leave the Fone team at the end of the season.

Rumours started to circulate in the wake associated with team orders where by Ferrari asked the Brazilian to let team-mate Fernando Alonso gain Julys German Grand Prix.Porsche were subsequently penalized 100000 for those measures and were lucky to escape having things docked.

Massa who has been constantly outpaced by team-mate Alonso all season has accepted that they will have to play next fiddle for the rest of this current year to help the Speaking spanish Alonso in his quest for that seasons world championship.On the other hand Massa has made it distinct he will not be pushed into taking a long lasting number two role the coming year. Does arctic ruby oil work Massa told Germanys Sport Assemble magazine For sure I am not Ferraris second Rubens Barrichello your role Ruben fulfilled pertaining to Michael Schumacker at Ferrari from 2000-2005. If that happens I will stop traveling. Im not going to head out racing to be entitled to second place.Fernando is excellent definitely. But he is not better than my additional team-mates. Its just myself not as good as usual.I have had big problems with your tyres. For my driving style perhaps the soft tyres are too hard. And Im guaranteed many other drivers have experienced the same problem. I dont think Michael provides forgotten how to travel.
In addition Massa whos going to be contracted until the end associated with 2012 was criticised simply by Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo exactly who told Italian newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport I have waited for Felipe together with great perseverance during the last four races.I want a strong Massa who will gently slice points off the competition.In Singapore he had a number of bad luck but they are in good condition to be able to win.Those who race for Ferrari really dont race for themselves and also for the Ferrari team shades.One who wants to race for himself have to face his team.Via Ferraris official website Di Montezemolo furthermore pointed out Felipe is and may always stay a number one driver for Lamborghini.I expect your performances of a number one driver from him – both in your next four races along with with different tyres buy.Those will be vital to bring us victories next season also to take important details from our opponents in the battle for this entire world championship.

Speculation around exactly where Massa might end up if your two parties break up is already rife.Several teams including Renault in addition to Force India are already linked with even Bmw getting a mention inside gossiping circles with concerns over Michael Schumachers lasting position.

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