Beta Glucan is a Licensed drug in Japan
Helping in their fight against Cancer
Beta Glucan Has Shown Great Promise with Psoriasis
Psoiasis may be an Auto Immune problem
Beta Glucan Has Shown Great Promise with Lupus
Beta Glucan "calms" an "over-active" Immune System
Many Are

Phitkri ke phayde in hindi

We grow and we absorb energy to grow even more. Our growth graph is often a pattern of opportunities we met input we gave and stimulus we received in our routine course of life. Our energy is that stimulus. Our ups and downs make us really feel alive. News plays its individual function to lead towards the feeling. We pay attention or look at India news to acquire updates on the wide spectrum of subjects and issues of current interests. We concentration significantly more on locations which will aid us to be knowledgeable of and exploit chances. Then youll find other elements that we will need to rejuvenate ourselves. They may change from getting cricket news in Hindi or Hindi Bollywood news. Who is familiar with besides that particular particular person that sharing is usually exciting
Motion picture Masti
When our energies get targeted they can deliver predicted and surprising outcome. Outcome get to to multitudes once we benefit from the job we are accomplishing. The function we do to earn our dwelling isnt any exception to this sort of regulation. This results in being extra evident after we are in our pleasurable zone or say enjoyment mood. Bollywood pleasurable is one among our many options to entertain ourselves. Phitkri ke phayde in hindi Hindi Bollywood News retains us current about motion in Hindi Movie Marketplace. New Releases news projects debuting actors and actresses hot destinations belonging to the videos and lots of such material of Bollywood are now being covered by Hindi Bollywood news channels.
Cricket- A different identify of enjoyment
The topic may well seem to be a little odd as when there exists a cricket occasion Bollywood not often make any new release. Which can show being a severe blow around the opening collections of your motion picture in box-office. Cricket Information in Hindi usually takes the many attention that in general is shared by both equally cricket and Bollywood by getting India news. We however have experienced the duo changing their locations many of the time even with the observation of cricket taking about Bollywood at a number of moments. The most beneficial factor that might still arrive from staying human and after that relishing anything heartily is showing off our emotions as a result sharing a bond.
Threads of Humanity
We do not ever know when we get connected to anything or people. What we do know is that sharing will be impetus to responses mysterious and unheard. News has become the approaches of sharing. We share thoughts troubles feelings and considerations via it. We keep on being in contact with humanity on this way. Who would have thought that possibly India information or Cricket information in Hindi as well as Bollywood news may help us to conform to society and revel in a very good everyday living a lot more Effectively every one of us imagine that at some or the other level of time.

Phitkri ke phayde in hindi

Beta Glucan Immune System Booster

 Beta Glucan Immune System Boosters 
Listed In Order Of Effectiveness

Positions & Ranks in the table below are based on major
university in vivo experiments in a side-by-side competitive
RVB300 RVB300 - Beta 1,3-D Glucan and Resveratrol
Highest Quality Beta Glucan - Independently Tested
MaitakeGold 404® by Tradeworks Group Inc. - MaitakeGold 404® requires over 8 times an RVB300 serving to produce the same immune effect
Immutol® by Biotec ASA - Immutol® requires over 32 times an RVB300 serving to produce the same immune effect
RM-10™ by Garden of Life

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Beta Glucan Comparrison Table

Alsi k bich k faidy

Planning a Trip to Las VegasLas Vegas started out as a gamblers hideaway but evolved into much more. It is now a popular convention site an entertainment destination and a great place to take the kids. Gaming is still the biggest draw but one can find a number of details to try and do for people today who really dont gamble. You can see a reside show view a sporting celebrationdance at a club or ride a roller coaster. You can actually do all of this any time for the calendar year. Considerably of it you could do 24 several hours per day.

The Las Vegas Strip When To Check out Las VegasLas Vegas is in the desert. Which means it will get extremely sizzling in the summer and may get somewhat chilly with the winter season. Temperatures usually top rated one hundred degrees but you can find very little humidity and all establishing is air conditioned. It really is rare for temperatures to drop to freezing but it surely can take place on winter season nights. Las Vegas provides a booming convention enterprise that draws in crowds 12 months all-around. Holidays are incredibly chaotic especially New Years Eve. The perfect time of yr to drop by Las Vegas is around Thanksgiving and Christmas. Alsi k bich k faidy The weather is mild the crowds are very smallish and resorts offer you deep reductions.
Obtaining To Las VegasMore than 3 million men and women visit Las Vegas any month. An enormous vast majority of them fly there. Being a result there a great deal of flights in and from McCarran Worldwide Airport. This competing firms keeps airfares affordable specifically if you ebook months forward of time. Southwest Airways is especially powerful in Las Vegas. They provide no frills low cost flights for ridiculously reduced price tags.
Gaining Around Las VegasMost readers to Las Vegas do not want a rental automotive. Taxis are plentiful and low priced. A cab from the airport for the strip fees 10 to 13. There are also shuttle buses that run 24 hrs per day. A taxi journey from an individual Strip casino to another expenses just some bucks. There is certainly also a trolley and a variety of monorails linking resorts. Much better yet walk on your spot. The Strip was developed with pedestrians in intellect. It can be lined with exciting sights pedestrian bridges and movable sidewalks in destinations.
The Wynn Casino Resort
Where by To remain in Las VegasThere are significantly more hotel rooms in Las Vegas than in some other city with the state. The 13 biggest lodges are located in Las Vegas. Yet in spite of every one of these rooms Las Vegas however sells out several periods a 12 months. Other times you can find a place but it bills a great deal additional than at a second time. The key may be to keep away from vacations and moments when there can be a lot of conventions in city. E-book early to the most effective variety as well as the most economical selling prices. When you will discover a large number of empty rooms you can get amazing discounts like 39 per night for your luxurious hotel place. Resorts never thoughts accomplishing this considering they be expecting you to get rid of a lot of cash in their casino. Bargains are available at every hotel but naturally assume to spend even more at nicer properties. Heres a sampling of well known accommodations around the Strip-
Wonderful – Ballys Circus Circus Excaliber Flamingo Harrahs Imperial Palace Stratosphere TropicanaRather Nice – Caesars Palace Mandalay Bay MGM Grand Mirage New york Ny Paris
Elevated End – Bellagio Trump Venetian Wynn Arriving and Departing Las VegasThere is no will need to waste a days well worth of exciting waiting all over if you arrive or depart Las Vegas. In case you arrive ahead of examine in time leave your bags with with the baggage check and go possess a beneficial time. Arrive back again when your place is ready. Should you possess a late flight from city test out and leave your bags on the bell desk. Swing by and obtain them with your strategy to the airport. The company is free of cost. Just suggestion the man who brings you your bags.

CompsComps utilised to only be for substantial rollers. Now they may be for everybody. Casinos want you to gamble within their establishment so provide you with incentives to get you to remain. Sign up for a players card at each and every casino in which you gamble. They may ordinarily supply you with some coupons or even a totally free slot machine spin only for signing up. When you play a slot device insert the card. After you perform a table sport give the card for the seller. The casino will monitor simply how much you bet and the way prolonged you play. The greater you wager and therefore the extended you perform the greater incentives they offer. These can comprise of free meals merchandise demonstrates and rooms. Hold in intellect they expect you to lose a great deal of money whilst earning these incentives. Never perform for your comps. Just think about them a smallish bonus for dropping your dough.

What to do in Las VegasLas Vegas presents lots to determine and do to distract you whereas not gambling. The distractions can also be for spouses and small children of gamblers so that they will leave them on your own although theyre inside the casino. Some website visitors only come to the actions and rarely gamble in anyway. This may be enjoyable and help save you quite a lot of cash.
GamingThe casino marketplace prefers to get in touch with gambling gaming. Its the very same issue just a much less ominous term. Most inexperienced gamers head for your slot machines. Regrettably they offer the worst odds in the casino. Slot devices pay you slightly back periodically to inspire you to maintain enjoying. Over time the majority of people reduce every one of the income they place from the device. If you want to play slots appearance for casinos that supply loose devices with payouts of 95 to 99. These are typically in most cases the scaled-down casinos. Also perform optimum coins on just about every spin to take advantage of enhanced payout odds. Expert gamblers can make income taking part in blackjack and poker when they understand how to play. They are games of the two talent and prospect where exactly a players choices concerning the cards drastically influences their power to win. Craps and roulette are considerably far more about chance. The chances are substantially during the casinos favor so if you happen to play extended ample you are going to reduce. The bottom line is the fact the house generally wins. Gamble if you ever delight in it not to earn money. Designate an amount that you are ready to lose and when it is actually gone end. There are a great deal of elements to accomplish in Las Vegas that can be even more pleasurable than losing dough.
A Gondola on the Venetian
ShowsLas Vegas has a number of the finest reveals while in the marketplace. Best identify entertainers complete there. If you like to see an enormous identify manufacturing like Cirque du Soleil Bette Midler David Copperfield Penn and Teller or Blue Guy Group guide your tickets no less than three months previous to your pay a visit to. Similar goes for exceptional sporting activities like boxing blended martial arts or ice skating. In the event you just prefer to see a good show and do not specifically treatment which one get price reduction tickets about the day of your effectiveness. One can find numerous 50 percent total price ticket shops in the Strip. Just stand in line while in the early morning and also you can look at a reveal that night time.
Free EntertainmentThere is a great deal of free of charge entertainment in Las Vegas. Walk up and down the Strip at night and you may uncover a thing exciting on every single block. Each and every casino has its unique theme so strolling approximately them is exciting. Paris has a French patisserie with genuine French pastries served by actual French females. Venice has gondoliers who sing from their gondolas in the canal. Circus Circus has serious circus functions through the day. Mirage includes a jungle inside massive tropical fish tank and white tigers. MGM has lion cubs. Quite a bit with the free of charge enjoyment is outside. Treasure Island incorporates a pirate show brimming with explosions and acrobatics. The Mirage will quickly unveil its new and enhanced eruping volcano. The Bellagio features a magnificent fountain with water that dances to audio. For just a 10 taxi ride you possibly can head downtown and view the Fremont Road Knowledge. The ceiling from the pedestrian walkway is covered in video clip screens. One can find exhibits every last hour inside the evening.

The Fountain at the Bellagio
Clubs and BarsLas Vegas is regarded for its nightlife. Clubs and bars might be a ton of exciting but in addition crowded steeply-priced and tough to obtain into. There can be several variations of clubs and bars that appeal to some wide selection of tastes. Here are the very hot nightspots at this time-
Pure at Caesars PalaceVoo Doo Lounge at RioParasol Up Parasol Down Lounge and Tryst at WynnV Bar at the VenetianFontana Bar at the BellagioForty Deuce at Mandalay BayJet Nightclub for the MirageStudio 54 with the MGM GrandRain from the Desert at the Palms
Las Vegas for KidsThere is a lot for that children to undertake in Las Vegas. Quite a few casinos have amusement park rides. These involve Ny New york the Stratosphere and Circus Circus. Circus Circus also has carnival games and 100 free circus functions all day very long. The Tournament of Kings clearly show at Excaliber is a kid helpful jousting present. Gameworks is really a substantial video clip sport intricate which will preserve young people occupied all day lengthy. Young children also relish strolling around and viewing all of the awesome buildings and free enjoyment outlined above.
The Southern End on the Strip
By Kent Ninomiya
Alsi k bich k faidy

Beta Glucan Immune System Booster

 Beta Glucan Immune System Boosters 
Listed In Order Of Effectiveness

Positions & Ranks in the table below are based on major
university in vivo experiments in a side-by-side competitive
RVB300 RVB300 - Beta 1,3-D Glucan and Resveratrol
Highest Quality Beta Glucan - Independently Tested
MaitakeGold 404® by Tradeworks Group Inc. - MaitakeGold 404® requires over 8 times an RVB300 serving to produce the same immune effect
Immutol® by Biotec ASA - Immutol® requires over 32 times an RVB300 serving to produce the same immune effect
RM-10™ by Garden of Life

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Beta Glucan Comparrison Table

Alsi k bich k faidy

I am very sure that your particular chase for benefit investing has arrived to an end as you review this article. Yes those days are gone when we must search continuously regarding investing advice details or other such information similar to savings stock market for novices land investment as well as investment news. Perhaps without articles similar to this with the Internet all you need to do is story on and use some of the search engines to find the socially responsible investing information that you required..
Next each investor must understand the importance of advertising and endorsing his business. This kind of improves the prospects and fosters a better exposure for ones enterprise which leads to grow the market base. Your seventh pointer to remember is that know how of the stock exchange helps you comprehend the general market and commercial trends. Alsi k bich k faidy In this way you can expect the changes in addition to tweak your business correctly. The following point to note is that if you have taken financial products pay them off as fast as you may.
These tips guarantee earnings for all sorts of entrepreneurs whether or not they are beginners or executives. With one of these general pointers there exists a high possibility for achievement regardless of which category your enterprise it declines into.
Rather than resisting investing cash in the periods of recession you need to find methods or even use the guidelines to shell out wisely and carefully intended for securing their long term. Recession does carry unfortunate reports associated with rising unemployment in addition to inflation but some market place areas remain unaffected and can even climb.
Dont forget to realize that this article can cover info related to benefits of committing but can still leave some stones unturned. Head on over to google like for more specific investment for kids information..
Investment is not childs enjoy. It takes plenty of planning to achieve the desired goals. The principle elements to think about though investing in any kind of company include the time span funds and idiom of a corporation you are aiming for. All these elements are interlinked however depending on the period you can be better appraise and decide the rest of the alternate options that might prove to be better.
Keeping all of these significant elements in mind its completely an individuals choice to choose the kind of investment this is the most acceptable for them. Families have different choices and face different experiences in their life so you cannot base ones call on someone elses viewpoints.
A general blunder that many people make thinks that their investments within collectibles will truly settle. Yet again if this ended up being correct everyone would do it. Do not reckon on your Coke collection or your book collection to compensate for your retirement years Traditional bank on savings made out of cold hard cash instead.
Many people searching for information about long term committing also looked on the web for investing cash roth ira and even purchase training.. Alsi k bich k faidy

What is alsi ki beej

Head related issuesBaldness TreatmentEmpty stomatch 1 Spoon Ghee in warm water Black Til White Til Mix Both or take indv Morning and Eve1 Week 12 Sp 2 Week 1 Sp 3 Week 1-12 Sp 4.Week 2 Sp Trifla Powder 1 SP in evening lack of memory electrical powerMemory EnhancementMucus in brain delivers nourishment and with all the age air increases and dries that mucus. Memory loss and also other predicament increases. White Pumpkin destroys gas and increases memory and assists in congnitive expertise Logicalone Ghee in morningGotukula Brahmi ————————— Malkangani seeds powder ————————— 4 ——————————————— one cup of water or milk mix the above and boil and then filter and drink two times each day for 6-10 Months. What is alsi ki beej snayu sansthan weakness Migraine challenges Dizziness Issues Hair challenges Early White Hairs Dandraf difficulties Hair Shampoo Hair Oil Eyes Issues Ears Difficulties Nose TroublesTo open nose Camel Urine ———————————– —————————– 1- drops in the nose. continue immediately after just about every three hoursyoull be able to replace camel urine with Caster oil.Press middle finger middle portion 6 instances for reliefTo open congested nose and cease undesirable breath from the nose———————————– —————————– 2 —————————- make bag of this mix and warm it up and do hot massage around the nose working with this bag.Apply ginger juice and press on nose 2-3 instances per day Nose Bleeding Pitta is higher that can all round improve heat in the entire body which will bring about forhead and palms hot. ————————-2 —————————— —————————— —————————————- Pressure pointPress left hand thumb best portion 6 instances. Running nose watery eyes and nose continuous sneezing – —————————— ——————————— . Pressure pointTop left middle finger press six occasions. Tooth Challenges Tooth Achetake a piece of ginger and salt. Heat them on. Keep this salted and heated ginger in amongst the teeth where discomfort is and press it so the juice comes out. Enable the juice to have into the aching tooth. Right hand thumb on 1st line press six occasions.Daant Dard-Haldi ka powder one C.Long ka powder .5 CKali Mirch one C.Namak 34 C Mix and apply on Teeth and let it sit for any whileThumb ke paas wali ungli ka pahala porva point Mouth Difficulties Throat ProblemsThyroid3 Times every day juice of followingCarrot beetroot cabbage gingerMulathi ———————————– —————————– —————————- Brahmi——————————– 1 six almonds three cardamom 3 Dates 2 paste and mix with water and drinkPressure pointfrom the base on the thumb make a straight line towards finger and stop in among 3rd and 4th finger. Press that point 6 instances on both hands.When your little one is cold and having cough Ginger————————————– 2 ————————————– one ————————————– 2 comon salt——————————- Mix all the issues and apply on the chest in the kid.Also cold with cough Ginger————————————– one ————————————– one ————————————– 1 Honey———————————————- one one to 34 Chammach of this mixture give 4-6 instances daily.Dry Cough —————————————————- ———————————————————— ———————————————————- – Lungs Troubles Heart Related Issues Liver Issue ——————————————– ——————————————–2 powder ——————————————– – - – … – Green Coriander ————– ——————————————–2 ——————————————–1 – – Middle finger. .Indigestion acid reflex headaches stomatch bloating mood swingsDry Ginger ——————————— ten gm Black Pepper —————————— ten gm Prolonged Pepper —————————— ten gm Cumin —————————— 60 gm Black Salt —————————— 30 gm one.five tsp in 14 cup water – Periods bleeding -jeera — — — — —-Harmonal imbalance ladies10 minutes soak the following in 12 glass water and take 3 instances a day———————————— —————————– —————————- 4 ——————————– 1 —————————–

Head connected issues
lack of memory power Memory Enhancement
Mucus in brain presents nourishment and with the age air increases and dries that mucus. Memory loss along with other predicament increases. White Pumpkin destroys gas and increases memory and assists in congnitive techniques Logical
one Ghee in morning
Gotukula Brahmi ————————— Malkangani seeds powder ————————— 4 ——————————————— 1 cup of water or milk mix the above and boil and after that filter and drink two times daily for 6-10 Months. snayu sansthan weakness Migraine troubles Headaches –
If it truly is due to GAS Ache will keep moving —
Ginger Juice one tsp Elaichi Powder 12tsp Honey one tsp
Mix all three take 2-3 occasions or as required . Place your Left hand on back of your head Suitable hand Finger on Aagyachakra center of forehead or tilak place and press six occasions.
If its a SHOOTING headache —
Dry ginger Powder 12 tsp Cumin powder 1- two tsp Elaichi Powder 12 tsp
Mix with ghee apply on ache
If its a SINUS Headache Moves from front to back to neck –
Ginger Juice 1 tsp Onion juice one tsp
Mix Apply on forehead.
Ginger Juice one tsp Tulsi juice 1tsp Honey one tsp Garlic one bulb clove
Mix drink . Press on Aagyachakra go up pressing six instances. Again from Aagyachakra start pressing move down around Nose six times
Dizziness DifficultiesDizziness spells –
If mouth gets dry eyes flutter feel dizzy avoid fermented fried sour food also gaseous foods.
Ginger powder Saunth two tsp Black Pepper one tsp Pipli Extended pepper one tsp Piper Longum
Mix everything take two pinch with Ghee or Jaggery.

Hair challengesBaldness Treatment

Empty stomatch one Spoon Ghee in warm water
Black Til White Til Mix Both or take indvMorning and Eve
one Week 12 Sptwo Week one Spthree Week 1-12 Sp4.Week two Sp
Trifla Powder 1 SP in evening
Early White HairsNo Sour or fermented foods.
In 14 cup milk 1 tsp ghee
2-3 instances a week do the following-
1. Rub temples in circular motion with Ghee press six times.2. one tsp ghee in the center of the head and start pressing. if the head soaks all ghee then add some more ghee
1-2 TSP triphala every single night
Oil making method
50 ml coconutten ml castor ten ml almond12 cup water50 gm Bhrigraj powder50 ml Amla ras50 ml ghiya Ras
Put this on medium slow heat. Water will evaporate. Strain and use it 3 occasions a week before sleeping.
1 chammach Praval Pishti12chammach Aanvala12 chammach Bhringraj1 chammach Til
Baalon ke liye Not from Pankaj Naram
Kheera Kakdi ka ras and neembu ka ras equal amount mix and apply on roots with the hairs and massage for 5-10 minutes. Dry them for 1-12 hour and after that wash head with water.
Dandraf issues Hair Shampoo Hair Oil Eyes TroublesFor eyes
2 badamtwo munnakka14 tsp khas khas14 tsp magaj
one hr soak in water grind and give in warm milk
This is not by Dr Pankaj Naram
Ears Troubles
Improve hearing in Kids –
Take 24 k Gold 24 k Silver coins and boil them in four glass of water. Reduced it to 1glass. Strain and drink 1 glass in day one in eveninglittle bit whole day.
Ear-ache –
Temper few pieces of Garlic with Sesame oil. Cool Strain. Use 2-3 drops in ear then as required.
Nose Troubles To open nose
Camel Urine ———————————– —————————– 1
- drops within the nose. continue after just about every 3 hoursyou are able to replace camel urine with Caster oil.
Press middle finger middle portion six occasions for relief

To open congested nose and quit lousy breath from the nose———————————– —————————– 2 —————————-
make bag of this mix and warm it up and do hot massage on the nose employing this bag.
Apply ginger juice and press on nose 2-3 times per day Nose Bleeding
Pitta is higher that could all round enhance heat in the physique which will lead to forhead and palms hot.
————————-2 —————————— —————————— —————————————- Pressure pointPress left hand thumb top rated portion 6 occasions. Running nose watery eyes and nose continuous sneezing – —————————— ——————————— .
Pressure pointPrime left middle finger press six instances. Bleeding from Nose –
Put cold wrap on forehead 1-2 drops of pure Ghee clarified butter in each nostril . Will see improvement in 30 – 60 seconds.

Opening Close Nose
Method 1
Camel urin — 1 Spoonginger juice — 12 Spoon
two – 2 drops in close nose
Middle finger middle portion press 6 instances
Method 2
castrol oil – 1 Spoonginger juice — 12 Spoon
2 – two drops in close nose
Odor from nose and nasal congestion
apply ginger juice on the nose and press six times on each side of your nose.
Blood from Nose
Ice sake on foreheadCow Ghee inside the nose
Tooth Issues Tooth Achetake a piece of ginger and salt. Heat them on. Retain this salted and heated ginger in among the teeth in which discomfort is and press it so the juice comes out. Allow the juice to obtain in to the aching tooth.

Correct hand thumb on 1st line press 6 times.
Daant Dard- Haldi ka powder one C.Extended ka powder .five CKali Mirch 1 C.Namak 34 C
Mix and apply on Teeth and let it sit for any while
Thumb ke paas wali ungli ka pahala porva point
Daant Dard Tooth Ache
Haldi Powder —————- 12 ChammachKaala Namak —————- 34 ChammachGulab Jal——————1-2 Chammach
Mix and apply Or gargle

Mouth ProblemsUndesirable Breath
Dhaniya Powder – 1 ChDhaniya Chatni – 1chDhaniya Seeds – one Chammach
six occasions every dayDaily in night 1 chammach Thriphala churn
Ginger murrabba 1 tsp two occasions every day.
Press point on correct hand in among 2nd and third finger on the palm
Mouth Ulcers
1.6 Munnakka soak in morning and eat in eveningsix Munnakka soak in evening and eat in Morning
Increase Munakka by one everyday and after that up to 21 then again reduce that to six
one tsp green dhaniya ki chatni no spices two times each day
Isabghol Flex seed powder in night — 1 to 2 tsp

Throat Difficulties Thyroid3 Times each day juice of followingCarrot beetroot cabbage ginger
Mulathi ———————————– —————————– —————————- Brahmi——————————– 1
six almonds 3 cardamom 3 Dates 2 paste and mix with water and drinkPressure pointfrom the base of your thumb make a straight line towards finger and cease in involving 3rd and 4th finger. Press that point 6 times on both hands. When your kid is cold and getting cough
Ginger————————————– 2 ————————————– 1 ————————————– two comon salt——————————- Mix all of the things and apply on the chest of your child.Also
cold with cough
Ginger————————————– one ————————————– 1 ————————————– 1 Honey———————————————- 1
1 to 34 Chammach of this mixture give 4-6 occasions per day.
Dry Cough
—————————————————- ———————————————————— ———————————————————-

– Dry Cough
Safed Mirch — one ChammachMishri — 1 Chammach
Bhuke Pet ChusoRaat ko same.
Tonsils –
For Gargle-
—————————– ———————– ———————– Black Pepper ——————————- ———————————————- ————————————————– Salt———————————————-
Mix all together and after that use 1 spoon of this mix in 1 glass of warm water and Gargle.
Also Take this three times per day- ————————– Honey ———————- one

Lungs DifficultiesAsthams
Ginger juice — 1 ChammachTulsi juice — one chammachHing — 2-3 pinchHoney — one chammachClove — 1Garlic — one kali
Quit sweets milk and chilled foods

Heart Connected Issues Large blood pressure ———————————– Glass —————————– —————————- ——————————– ————————————– 4 ———————————— ————————————
Pressure point
Apply on temples and naval point
High blood pressure Mouth Dry Dizziness ———————————– Glass —————————– —————————- —————————– ————————————– ———————————— Pressure pointPress 6 times around the 3rd point on the correct hand side shoulder to relax person.
Press 6 occasions within the circular motion on the temple following applying and put on scalp too.
If there is pain in Chest dont know if its indigestion or chest pain press 6 times on your left hand lower middle again 6 occasions if discomfort is still there then its heart otherwise its due to indigestion Gas Acidity.
Cumin powder 1 tsp Rock sugar one tsp Ajawain 12 tsp Rock salt 12 tsp
Mix all 4 in 12 cup of water drink 3 instances every day for 7 days.
Cumin Powder 2-3 tsp Fennel powderr one tsp Hing 2 tsp Ginger Juice 1 tsp Onion juice one tsp
Mix all the above put it on your Navel make 2 inch of circle around navel with this Juice.
High blood pressure
Cow Ghee on forehead templesalso on solar plex
Sarpgandha — 14 SJeera powder — 1 Sdwsx xDhaniya P — 1 SGulab – 1 GulabSugar – 1 SWater – 1GlassCow Ghee — one S
three Times day
Pupitation Nervosness Low Blood Pressure
Tarbooj beej Powder — one chammachGud — 1 chammachsaunth — 1 chammachAjvain — 1 chammachLahasun fali — 1 kali
Ghabrahat Nervousness
Aarjun Powder — 1 chammachKaali Mirch Powder — 34 ChammachGud —- 1 ChammachTulsi Beej—- 34 ChammachMix them
Take three instances a day for 7 to ten days.
Liver Issue ——————————————– ——————————————–2 powder ——————————————–
– -
Stomach IssuesKabj
Castrol oil ——————————— ————————————
drink to clear stomach

- … -
Green Coriander ———————————————————-2 ——————————————–1

Middle finger. . Indigestion acid reflex headaches stomatch bloating mood swings Dry Ginger ——————————— ten gm Black Pepper —————————— 10 gm Prolonged Pepper —————————— 10 gm Cumin —————————— 60 gm Black Salt —————————— 30 gm 1.five tsp in 14 cup water
To improve digestion
Dry Ginger OR Saunth ——————————— ten gm Black Pepper —————————— 10 gm pipery Mul —————————— 10 gm Indra Jo —————————— 10 gm Kariyatu —————————— 10 gm 12-1 Spoon twice each day. For few days eat light eat easily digestible vegetables.

Other symptoms- Always Tense Mad No patience 20 year
Jeera– one chammachDhaniya – 1 ChMunnaka Chutney— one chKhadi Shakkar —- 1 chGulkand —– 1 chElaichi Powder —- 12 Ch
Take this with water 12 cup 3 time a day and continue for 2 months
Increase eating Gheeya Parwal Khichadi
Indegestion Acid reflex headache stomach bloating mood swing
Dry ginzer -10 gmBlack Pepper – ten gmLengthy Pepper – 10 gmCumin – 60 gmBlack salt – 30 gm
1-12 tsp in 14 cup water
Ulcerative colitis Asacol – steroid
Avoid gasious food.
Drink 1 glass Anar juice 3 instances
one Anar skin boil with two glass water. Reduce to one. Wait for ten minutes. Strain and drink 3 instances. In evening make again and drink.
Drink homemade shrikhand upto 3-4 spoons all day.
Kabj Dast Not by Pankaj Naram
Kaala namak Pisa huwa and hing 5-5 grams le kar make four pudiya. Ek khurak 12 chammach ki hai. Thande Pani se liya to Dast door hote hain aur garam paani se liya to Kabj door hoti hai.
Water associated difficulties Dast Because of dirty water

Aanar Chilka of one Aanara in small pices
Sonth 14 Ch
Jeera P. 1 Ch
Dhaniya P 1 chammach
Khadi Sugar one Chammach
1.five Glass water and Boil
when 13 then drink
Khurak kewal Khidi andMay be Taaja Dahi with Sonth

1 Chammach
Raise in weight and breast size
———————————- ———————————- ———————————- ———————————- ———————————- ——————————– —————————- Take in Evening and morning.
Join Palms and Thumbs together fingers crossed and press through thumb on fingers.
Over weight
cumin powder —— 1tspSaunth –14 tsphing —- two pinchAjvain — 14 tspLahasun ras — 14 tsp
increases metabolism burns fat burns food in 7 tissues.
four times per day one should take this.
four kokum soak 12 hr in water. Mesh and drain water so all khatta is gone. Use paste in above and mix all.
one week zeera moong soup more water and add any spice but no khatta. Use Kokum for khatta. one day more water. 2nd day little more dal by 7th day panjabi dal.two week vegetables. Ghiya parval Turai Kaddu.
3 week add bajri javari naachni rooti.
four week add more dal.
To reduce weight and gas
water — 4 glassGinzer — 6 tspsPowdered jeera — 50 gm
Boil reduce it to half. Drink for three days then for seven days Moong Dal water. For 21 days just moong dal water and vegetables

Ajeerna IndigestionHarad Powder ——————– 10 gmBaheda Powder —————— 10 gmAanwala Powder —————– ten gmSonth Powder ——————- 10 gmBlack Pepper ——————–10 gmPeepal Powder —————— ten gmPeepri Longam Powder ———- ten gm
Mix all together
12 Spoon before food using the hot water.
Cease taking Fried fermented milk
Vayu Pradan motapaCumin powder — 300 gmFennel powder–200gmAjaivain–100 gmHing — 20 gmAlum – 5-10 gmAanvala –50 gmMulathi– 50 gm
Make 60 pudiya of this
four instances per day soak in one glass of water and drink
For cramps and Air Bai Baadi troubles
Ajwain — 14 tspSaunth — 14 tspRasna — 14 tspGarlic paste — 14 tspHing pinch
Take this 1 tsp in morning and evening
water — 12 cup Castor oil — one cup
Take this in night
Ajwain — 12 cup Saunth — 12 cup
mix and boil let it cool down then apply to the cramped muscles
Apply above 12 inch thick layer daily.
White Patches as a result of wrong eating combinations saw parasites or as a result of genes
————————————– glass———————————- —————————- 50 ——————————— – ten to 15 .
Pressure pointmiddle left finger on line on palm press six times

not contagious just cosmetic
Reduce sale intake and white issues like milk and milk products. ———————————- ———————————- ———————————- mix them and take 2 times per day. In 15 to 30 days you will see results.Pressure PointBelow left hand ring finger on line press 6 times.
-Intervals bleeding -
jeera — — — — —- Harmonal imbalance ladies
ten minutes soak the following in 12 glass water and take three times each day-
———————————– —————————– —————————- 4 ——————————– one —————————–
Hot flashes and Menopause symptoms
1-tsp triphala powder in night and in morning. stomach will clean and pittal will go away. It helps in migraine too.
Mulathi —– 1chammach Brahmi——- one chammach Saunth — 1 chammach Hing — pinch
Barley water — 1 tsp barley boil in 2-3 glass water
Strain the water and use the mixture above to take with this water 2-3 occasions every day. If there is no Barley then use plain water.
Irregular Intervals
Kesar — pinchAjwain — 14 tspSaunf Badi — 1 TspJeera — one tspGud — 1 tsp

Spurm count and motility issue resolution
Fresh anwala
1week one anwala
2week two anwala

6week 6 anwala
three months do it Stress Always Tense
Goat milk — 14 cupBrahmi —- 14 tspBadam— Shankhavali – 12 TSPShankpushpi — 12 TSPElichi — 12 TSP
Left hand on the back of head and with appropriate hand 1st finger press under nose.
Do this for 7 days to 2 months
Naadi Shodhan Pranayaam
Dhyan aagya chakra par laga kar sukhasan main eyes band kar 3-4 baar gahari saans len.


Allergy———————————– —————————– —————————- ——————————– 3
For eyes allergy drink carrot and ginger juice
Take above three occasions per day
Black pepper 12 tsp Ghee one tsp
In morning without brush eat. After two hrs can eat drink
Whenever itches mix ghee turmeric pinch apply on area.
Ajvain ka powder Smelling Ajvain also aids in allergy – 12 Chammach Gud — one ChammachAdrak — one ChammachKaali Mirch Powder — 3-4 ChutkiMix and take 2-3 occasions each day

Feverishness and discomfort in body
Adrak juice — 1 ChammachBasil Juice — one ChammachJeera Powder — 1 TSPB. Pepper — 14 TSPLicorice — one TSPHing — 2 pinch
2-3 instances each dayBend your left middle finger and where it touches palm press six occasions

———————————- times every day after which drink water
———————————— chammach
four instances a day

Paralysis Stroke –
12 tspAjawain12 tspSaunth1 bulbGarlic14 tspB. pepper2-3 pinchHing1-2 tspGud Jaggery
Make balls have with warm water
Epilepsy — Stiffness inlegs hands Foam from mouth tight mouth
Bhringraj Bhangre ka Juice 14 cupGoat milk12 cup
Mix drink three occasions every day. Mother should press Suitable ear lobe lower free part four occasions Father 2 instances daily .
Brahmi Powder12 tspShankawali Powder12 tspShatawari Powder12 tspBadam6 – 8 make powder
Mix everything divide in 2 portions. Take 1 in morning 1 in evening

Bhujang Aasan Ushtra Aasan Madok Aasan

What is alsi ki beej

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