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Dr pankaj naram herbel zalf for skn proble

Head related issuesBaldness TreatmentEmpty stomatch 1 Spoon Ghee in warm water Black Til White Til Mix Both or take indv Morning and Eve1 Week 12 Sp 2 Week 1 Sp 3 Week 1-12 Sp 4.Week 2 Sp Trifla Powder 1 SP in evening lack of memory powerMemory EnhancementMucus in brain provides nourishment and using the age air increases and dries that mucus. Memory loss and also other difficulty increases. White Pumpkin destroys gas and increases memory and helps in congnitive knowledge Logicalone Ghee in morningGotukula Brahmi ————————— Malkangani seeds powder ————————— 4 ——————————————— 1 cup of water or milk mix the above and boil then filter and drink two occasions each day for 6-10 Months. snayu sansthan weakness Migraine issues Dizziness Challenges Hair challenges Early White Hairs Dandraf difficulties Hair Shampoo Hair Oil Eyes Challenges Ears Issues Nose ChallengesTo open nose Camel Urine ———————————– —————————– 1- drops within the nose. Dr pankaj naram herbel zalf for skn proble continue immediately after each and every three hoursyou may replace camel urine with Caster oil.Press middle finger middle portion six instances for reliefTo open congested nose and stop lousy breath from the nose———————————– —————————– 2 —————————- make bag of this mix and warm it up and do hot massage on the nose working with this bag.Apply ginger juice and press on nose 2-3 instances each day Nose Bleeding Pitta is high which will overall maximize heat within the entire body which will result in forhead and palms hot. ————————-2 —————————— —————————— —————————————- Pressure pointPress left hand thumb top rated portion 6 instances. Operating nose watery eyes and nose continuous sneezing – —————————— ——————————— . Pressure pointTop left middle finger press six instances. Tooth Problems Tooth Achetake a piece of ginger and salt. Heat them on. Maintain this salted and heated ginger in in between the teeth in which pain is and press it so the juice comes out. Let the juice to acquire in to the aching tooth. Proper hand thumb on 1st line press 6 times.Daant Dard-Haldi ka powder 1 C.Prolonged ka powder .five CKali Mirch one C.Namak 34 C Mix and apply on Teeth and let it sit for any whileThumb ke paas wali ungli ka pahala porva point Mouth Challenges Throat ProblemsThyroid3 Instances each day juice of followingCarrot beetroot cabbage gingerMulathi ———————————– —————————– —————————- Brahmi——————————– 1 6 almonds 3 cardamom three Dates 2 paste and mix with water and drinkPressure pointfrom the base from the thumb make a straight line towards finger and quit in in between 3rd and 4th finger. Press that point six times on both hands.When your little one is cold and getting cough Ginger————————————– 2 ————————————– 1 ————————————– two comon salt——————————- Mix every one of the things and apply on the chest in the youngster.Also cold with cough Ginger————————————– one ————————————– one ————————————– one Honey———————————————- 1 1 to 34 Chammach of this mixture give 4-6 occasions a day.Dry Cough —————————————————- ———————————————————— ———————————————————- – Lungs Concerns Heart Connected Issues Liver Dilemma ——————————————– ——————————————–2 powder ——————————————– – - – … – Green Coriander ————– ——————————————–2 ——————————————–1 – – Middle finger. .Indigestion acid reflex headaches stomatch bloating mood swingsDry Ginger ——————————— 10 gm Black Pepper —————————— 10 gm Prolonged Pepper —————————— ten gm Cumin —————————— 60 gm Black Salt —————————— 30 gm one.5 tsp in 14 cup water – Periods bleeding -jeera — — — — —-Harmonal imbalance ladies10 minutes soak the following in 12 glass water and take three times each day———————————— —————————– —————————- 4 ——————————– 1 —————————–

Head related difficulties
lack of memory energy Memory Enhancement
Mucus in brain delivers nourishment and using the age air increases and dries that mucus. Memory loss as well as other problem increases. White Pumpkin destroys gas and increases memory and aids in congnitive skills Logical
one Ghee in morning
Gotukula Brahmi ————————— Malkangani seeds powder ————————— 4 ——————————————— 1 cup of water or milk mix the above and boil and after that filter and drink two instances per day for 6-10 Months. snayu sansthan weakness Migraine challenges Headaches –
If its because of GAS Ache will keep moving —
Ginger Juice one tsp Elaichi Powder 12tsp Honey 1 tsp
Mix all three take 2-3 instances or as required . Place your Left hand on back of your head Right hand Finger on Aagyachakra center of forehead or tilak place and press six times.
If its a SHOOTING headache —
Dry ginger Powder 12 tsp Cumin powder 1- 2 tsp Elaichi Powder 12 tsp
Mix with ghee apply on ache
If its a SINUS Headache Moves from front to back to neck –
Ginger Juice 1 tsp Onion juice one tsp
Mix Apply on forehead.
Ginger Juice 1 tsp Tulsi juice 1tsp Honey 1 tsp Garlic 1 bulb clove
Mix drink . Press on Aagyachakra go up pressing six times. Again from Aagyachakra start pressing move down around Nose six times
Dizziness IssuesDizziness spells –
If mouth gets dry eyes flutter feel dizzy avoid fermented fried sour food also gaseous foods.
Ginger powder Saunth 2 tsp Black Pepper one tsp Pipli Prolonged pepper 1 tsp Piper Longum
Mix everything take two pinch with Ghee or Jaggery.

Hair concernsBaldness Treatment

Empty stomatch 1 Spoon Ghee in warm water
Black Til White Til Mix Both or take indvMorning and Eve
one Week 12 Sp2 Week one Sp3 Week 1-12 Spfour.Week two Sp
Trifla Powder 1 SP in evening
Early White HairsNo Sour or fermented foods.
In 14 cup milk one tsp ghee
2-3 instances a week do the following-
one. Rub temples in circular motion with Ghee press six instances.2. one tsp ghee in the center on the head and start pressing. if the head soaks all ghee then add some more ghee
1-2 TSP triphala each and every night
Oil making method
50 ml coconut10 ml castor ten ml almond12 cup water50 gm Bhrigraj powder50 ml Amla ras50 ml ghiya Ras
Put this on medium slow heat. Water will evaporate. Strain and use it 3 occasions a week before sleeping.
1 chammach Praval Pishti12chammach Aanvala12 chammach Bhringrajone chammach Til
Baalon ke liye Not from Pankaj Naram
Kheera Kakdi ka ras and neembu ka ras equal amount mix and apply on roots of the hairs and massage for 5-10 minutes. Dry them for 1-12 hour and then wash head with water.
Dandraf difficulties Hair Shampoo Hair Oil Eyes TroublesFor eyes
two badam2 munnakka14 tsp khas khas14 tsp magaj
one hr soak in water grind and give in warm milk
This is not by Dr Pankaj Naram
Ears Challenges
Improve hearing in Kids –
Take 24 k Gold 24 k Silver coins and boil them in 4 glass of water. Reduced it to 1glass. Strain and drink one glass in day one in eveninglittle bit whole day.
Ear-ache –
Temper few pieces of Garlic with Sesame oil. Cool Strain. Use 2-3 drops in ear then as required.
Nose Problems To open nose
Camel Urine ———————————– —————————– 1
- drops within the nose. carry on right after every 3 hoursyou can replace camel urine with Caster oil.
Press middle finger middle portion six times for relief

To open congested nose and quit lousy breath from the nose———————————– —————————– two —————————-
make bag of this mix and warm it up and do hot massage on the nose using this bag.
Apply ginger juice and press on nose 2-3 instances a day Nose Bleeding
Pitta is higher that can overall improve heat within the body which will cause forhead and palms hot.
————————-2 —————————— —————————— —————————————- Pressure pointPress left hand thumb top portion 6 times. Operating nose watery eyes and nose continuous sneezing – —————————— ——————————— .
Pressure pointTop left middle finger press 6 instances. Bleeding from Nose –
Put cold wrap on forehead 1-2 drops of pure Ghee clarified butter in each nostril . Will see improvement in 30 – 60 seconds.

Opening Close Nose
Method one
Camel urin — 1 Spoonginger juice — 12 Spoon
2 – two drops in close nose
Middle finger middle portion press six instances
Method 2
castrol oil – 1 Spoonginger juice — 12 Spoon
two – two drops in close nose
Odor from nose and nasal congestion
apply ginger juice on the nose and press six times on both side from the nose.
Blood from Nose
Ice sake on foreheadCow Ghee in the nose
Tooth Troubles Tooth Achetake a piece of ginger and salt. Heat them on. Keep this salted and heated ginger in between the teeth in which discomfort is and press it so the juice comes out. Permit the juice to have in to the aching tooth.

Correct hand thumb on 1st line press 6 occasions.
Daant Dard- Haldi ka powder 1 C.Extended ka powder .5 CKali Mirch 1 C.Namak 34 C
Mix and apply on Teeth and let it sit for a while
Thumb ke paas wali ungli ka pahala porva point
Daant Dard Tooth Ache
Haldi Powder —————- 12 ChammachKaala Namak —————- 34 ChammachGulab Jal——————1-2 Chammach
Mix and apply Or gargle

Mouth DifficultiesLousy Breath
Dhaniya Powder – 1 ChDhaniya Chatni – 1chDhaniya Seeds – 1 Chammach
6 times every dayDaily in night 1 chammach Thriphala churn
Ginger murrabba one tsp two instances every day.
Press point on ideal hand in among 2nd and third finger around the palm
Mouth Ulcers
1.6 Munnakka soak in morning and eat in eveningsix Munnakka soak in evening and eat in Morning
Boost Munakka by 1 everyday and then up to 21 after which again reduce that to six
one tsp green dhaniya ki chatni no spices 2 occasions each day
Isabghol Flex seed powder in night — one to 2 tsp

Throat Troubles Thyroid3 Occasions daily juice of followingCarrot beetroot cabbage ginger
Mulathi ———————————– —————————– —————————- Brahmi——————————– one
6 almonds three cardamom three Dates 2 paste and mix with water and drinkPressure pointfrom the base in the thumb make a straight line towards finger and cease in involving 3rd and 4th finger. Press that point 6 times on each hands. When your youngster is cold and obtaining cough
Ginger————————————– 2 ————————————– 1 ————————————– 2 comon salt——————————- Mix the many points and apply around the chest from the youngster.Also
cold with cough
Ginger————————————– 1 ————————————– one ————————————– 1 Honey———————————————- 1
one to 34 Chammach of this mixture give 4-6 instances every day.
Dry Cough
—————————————————- ———————————————————— ———————————————————-

– Dry Cough
Safed Mirch — 1 ChammachMishri — 1 Chammach
Bhuke Pet ChusoRaat ko same.
Tonsils –
For Gargle-
—————————– ———————– ———————– Black Pepper ——————————- ———————————————- ————————————————– Salt———————————————-
Mix all together and then use one spoon of this mix in one glass of warm water and Gargle.
Also Take this three occasions daily- ————————– Honey ———————- one

Lungs ChallengesAsthams
Ginger juice — one ChammachTulsi juice — one chammachHing — 2-3 pinchHoney — 1 chammachClove — 1Garlic — 1 kali
Cease sweets milk and chilled foods

Heart Connected Troubles High blood pressure ———————————– Glass —————————– —————————- ——————————– ————————————– 4 ———————————— ————————————
Pressure point
Apply on temples and naval point
Higher blood pressure Mouth Dry Dizziness ———————————– Glass —————————– —————————- —————————– ————————————– ———————————— Pressure pointPress six occasions on the 3rd point around the suitable hand side shoulder to relax person.
Press 6 instances in the circular motion around the temple just after applying and put on scalp too.
If there is discomfort in Chest dont know if its indigestion or chest discomfort press 6 instances on your left hand lower middle again six times if pain is still there then its heart otherwise its because of indigestion Gas Acidity.
Cumin powder one tsp Rock sugar 1 tsp Ajawain 12 tsp Rock salt 12 tsp
Mix all four in 12 cup of water drink three occasions every day for 7 days.
Cumin Powder 2-3 tsp Fennel powderr one tsp Hing 2 tsp Ginger Juice one tsp Onion juice 1 tsp
Mix every one of the above put it on your Navel make 2 inch of circle around navel with this Juice.
Substantial blood pressure
Cow Ghee on forehead templesalso on solar plex
Sarpgandha — 14 SJeera powder — 1 Sdwsx xDhaniya P — one SGulab – one GulabSugar – one SWater – 1GlassCow Ghee — one S
three Instances day
Pupitation Nervosness Low Blood Pressure
Tarbooj beej Powder — 1 chammachGud — one chammachsaunth — one chammachAjvain — one chammachLahasun fali — one kali
Ghabrahat Nervousness
Aarjun Powder — 1 chammachKaali Mirch Powder — 34 ChammachGud —- one ChammachTulsi Beej—- 34 ChammachMix them
Take three occasions daily for 7 to ten days.
Liver Dilemma ——————————————– ——————————————–2 powder ——————————————–
– -
Stomach IssuesKabj
Castrol oil ——————————— ————————————
drink to clear stomach

- … -
Green Coriander ———————————————————-2 ——————————————–1

Middle finger. . Indigestion acid reflex headaches stomatch bloating mood swings Dry Ginger ——————————— ten gm Black Pepper —————————— 10 gm Extended Pepper —————————— 10 gm Cumin —————————— 60 gm Black Salt —————————— 30 gm one.five tsp in 14 cup water
To improve digestion
Dry Ginger OR Saunth ——————————— 10 gm Black Pepper —————————— 10 gm pipery Mul —————————— 10 gm Indra Jo —————————— 10 gm Kariyatu —————————— 10 gm 12-1 Spoon twice each day. For few days eat light eat easily digestible vegetables.

Other symptoms- Always Tense Mad No patience 20 year
Jeera– one chammachDhaniya – 1 ChMunnaka Chutney— 1 chKhadi Shakkar —- one chGulkand —– 1 chElaichi Powder —- 12 Ch
Take this with water 12 cup three time daily and carry on for two months
Raise eating Gheeya Parwal Khichadi
Indegestion Acid reflex headache stomach bloating mood swing
Dry ginzer -10 gmBlack Pepper – ten gmProlonged Pepper – ten gmCumin – 60 gmBlack salt – 30 gm
1-12 tsp in 14 cup water
Ulcerative colitis Asacol – steroid
Avoid gasious food.
Drink one glass Anar juice 3 occasions
1 Anar skin boil with two glass water. Reduce to 1. Wait for 10 minutes. Strain and drink 3 occasions. In evening make again and drink.
Drink homemade shrikhand upto 3-4 spoons all day.
Kabj Dast Not by Pankaj Naram
Kaala namak Pisa huwa and hing 5-5 grams le kar make four pudiya. Ek khurak 12 chammach ki hai. Thande Pani se liya to Dast door hote hain aur garam paani se liya to Kabj door hoti hai.
Water related troubles Dast Because of dirty water

Aanar Chilka of one Aanara in small pices
Sonth 14 Ch
Jeera P. one Ch
Dhaniya P 1 chammach
Khadi Sugar one Chammach
1.five Glass water and Boil
when 13 then drink
Khurak kewal Khidi andMay be Taaja Dahi with Sonth

one Chammach
Improve in weight and breast size
———————————- ———————————- ———————————- ———————————- ———————————- ——————————– —————————- Take in Evening and morning.
Join Palms and Thumbs together fingers crossed and press through thumb on fingers.
Over weight
cumin powder —— 1tspSaunth –14 tsphing —- two pinchAjvain — 14 tspLahasun ras — 14 tsp
increases metabolism burns fat burns food in 7 tissues.
4 occasions daily one should take this.
4 kokum soak 12 hr in water. Mesh and drain water so all khatta is gone. Use paste in above and mix all.
1 week zeera moong soup more water and add any spice but no khatta. Use Kokum for khatta. one day more water. 2nd day little more dal by 7th day panjabi dal.two week vegetables. Ghiya parval Turai Kaddu.
three week add bajri javari naachni rooti.
4 week add more dal.
To reduce weight and gas
water — four glassGinzer — 6 tspsPowdered jeera — 50 gm
Boil reduce it to half. Drink for three days then for seven days Moong Dal water. For 21 days just moong dal water and vegetables

Ajeerna IndigestionHarad Powder ——————– ten gmBaheda Powder —————— ten gmAanwala Powder —————– 10 gmSonth Powder ——————- ten gmBlack Pepper ——————–10 gmPeepal Powder —————— ten gmPeepri Longam Powder ———- 10 gm
Mix all together
12 Spoon before food with all the hot water.
Cease taking Fried fermented milk
Vayu Pradan motapaCumin powder — 300 gmFennel powder–200gmAjaivain–100 gmHing — 20 gmAlum – 5-10 gmAanvala –50 gmMulathi– 50 gm
Make 60 pudiya of this
4 instances per day soak in one glass of water and drink
For cramps and Air Bai Baadi challenges
Ajwain — 14 tspSaunth — 14 tspRasna — 14 tspGarlic paste — 14 tspHing pinch
Take this 1 tsp in morning and evening
water — 12 cup Castor oil — one cup
Take this in night
Ajwain — 12 cup Saunth — 12 cup
mix and boil let it cool down after which apply to the cramped muscles
Apply above 12 inch thick layer daily.
White Patches resulting from wrong eating combinations saw parasites or on account of genes
————————————– glass———————————- —————————- 50 ——————————— – ten to 15 .
Pressure pointmiddle left finger on line on palm press six instances

not contagious just cosmetic
Reduce sale intake and white factors like milk and milk products. ———————————- ———————————- ———————————- mix them and take 2 instances per day. In 15 to 30 days you will see results.Pressure PointBelow left hand ring finger on line press six times.
-Intervals bleeding -
jeera — — — — —- Harmonal imbalance ladies
ten minutes soak the following in 12 glass water and take 3 times every day-
———————————– —————————– —————————- 4 ——————————– one —————————–
Hot flashes and Menopause symptoms
1-tsp triphala powder in night and in morning. stomach will clean and pittal will go away. It aids in migraine too.
Mulathi —– 1chammach Brahmi——- 1 chammach Saunth — 1 chammach Hing — pinch
Barley water — one tsp barley boil in 2-3 glass water
Strain the water and use the mixture above to take with this water 2-3 times a day. If there is no Barley then use plain water.
Irregular Periods
Kesar — pinchAjwain — 14 tspSaunf Badi — 1 TspJeera — 1 tspGud — one tsp

Spurm count and motility issue resolution
Fresh anwala
1week 1 anwala
2week two anwala

6week six anwala
three months do it Stress Always Tense
Goat milk — 14 cupBrahmi —- 14 tspBadam— Shankhavali – 12 TSPShankpushpi — 12 TSPElichi — 12 TSP
Left hand around the back of head and with correct hand 1st finger press under nose.
Do this for 7 days to 2 months
Naadi Shodhan Pranayaam
Dhyan aagya chakra par laga kar sukhasan main eyes band kar 3-4 baar gahari saans len.


Allergy———————————– —————————– —————————- ——————————– 3
For eyes allergy drink carrot and ginger juice
Take above three times each day
Black pepper 12 tsp Ghee one tsp
In morning without brush eat. Soon after two hrs can eat drink
Whenever itches mix ghee turmeric pinch apply on area.
Ajvain ka powder Smelling Ajvain also aids in allergy – 12 Chammach Gud — 1 ChammachAdrak — one ChammachKaali Mirch Powder — 3-4 ChutkiMix and take 2-3 instances each day

Feverishness and pain in physique
Adrak juice — 1 ChammachBasil Juice — 1 ChammachJeera Powder — 1 TSPB. Pepper — 14 TSPLicorice — one TSPHing — 2 pinch
2-3 times dailyBend your left middle finger and exactly where it touches palm press 6 occasions

———————————- occasions each day and then drink water
———————————— chammach
4 times each day

Paralysis Stroke –
12 tspAjawain12 tspSaunth1 bulbGarlic14 tspB. pepper2-3 pinchHing1-2 tspGud Jaggery
Make balls have with warm water
Epilepsy — Stiffness inlegs hands Foam from mouth tight mouth
Bhringraj Bhangre ka Juice 14 cupGoat milk12 cup
Mix drink three occasions daily. Mother should press Correct ear lobe lower free part four occasions Father 2 occasions every day .
Brahmi Powder12 tspShankawali Powder12 tspShatawari Powder12 tspBadam6 – 8 make powder
Mix everything divide in 2 portions. Take one in morning one in evening

Bhujang Aasan Ushtra Aasan Madok Aasan

Dr pankaj naram herbel zalf for skn proble

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university in vivo experiments in a side-by-side competitive
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RM-10™ by Garden of Life

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Dr pankaj naram herbel zalf for skn proble

Laptop or computer Science and Design – Knol Books – Catalogue
IIT Kanpur
Site seen in 2009

CS 201- Individually distinct Mathematics Structure- 3-0-0-0 Academics Load9 Weightage3 Course Contents-
Notion of proof- proof by counter-example the contrapositive proof through contradiction inductive proofs.
Algebra- Motivation of algebraic structures review of fundamental group theory together with emphasis to only a certain groups- subgroups and class homomorphism Lagranges theorem. Commutative rings ideals. Finite fields and their primary properties. Some Precious stones applications e.h. RSA error correcting unique codes.
Combinatorics- Basic counting strategies pigeon-hole principle recurrence associations generating functions Polyas rising theorem. Basics of data theory. Introduction to probabilistic process in combinatorics.
Formal judgement- Propositional logic- proof program semantics completeness compactness. Length of proofs polynomial measurement proofs efficiency of proof systems. Initial order logic- designs proof system compactness. Samples of formal proofs in say number theory or group idea. Some advanced issues. E.g. Precious stones application of logic review of modal and temporal logics Or formal number idea including incompleteness theorem Or factors of proof theory including cut elimination Or maybe zero-one law for very first order logic. Dr pankaj naram herbel zalf for skn proble
Gemstones 210- Data Structures and Methods Structure- 3-0-0-0 Academic Load9 Weightage3 Precondition- ESC 101 Course Contents-
Order Analysis- Objectives of time analysis of algorithms Big-oh and Theta notes.
Elementary Data Structures- Arrays Associated lists Stacks example- term evaluation and Lists. Binary search trees. Red-Black trees and shrubs. Hash tables.
Sorting along with Divide and Beat Strategy- Merge-sort D-and-C with Matrix Multiplication as the second example. Quick-sort with average circumstance analysis. Heaps along with heap-sort. Lower bound on comparison-based sorting and Rising sort. Radix sort.
Dynamic Programming- methodology as well as examples Fibonacci numbers matrix routine multiplication longest common subsequence convex polygon triangulation.
Selfish Method- Methodology examples lecture scheduling method scheduling and assessment with DP more good examples to come later within graph algorithms.
Chart Algorithms- Basics associated with graphs and their representations. BFS. DFS. Topological working. Minimum spanning timber Kruskal and Prims algorithms and brief discussions connected with disjoint set and Fibonacci heap data structures. Shortest Pathways Dijkstra Bellman-Ford Floyd-Warshall. Data Structures – Knol Book Algorithms – Style Analysis Improvement as well as Applications – Knol Publication

CS 220- Guide to Computer Organisation Structure- 3-0-2-0 Academic Load12 Weightage4 Prerequisite- ESC 102 Training Contents-
Introduction- Introduction to basic digital play blocks truth tables simple structure of a digital computer.
Number portrayal- Integer – unsigned signed indicator magnitude 1s complement 2s complement rs complement Characters – ASCII coding other development schemes Real numbers – fixed as well as floating point IEEE754 representation.
Assembly language coding for some processor.
Standard building blocks for the ALU- Adder Subtractor Shifter Multiplication as well as division circuits.
Pc Subblock- Datapath – ALU Registers Pc buses Control course – microprogramming only the idea hardwired logic Outside interface.
Memory Subblock- Recollection organization Technology – ROM RAM EPROM Thumb etc. Cache Storage cache coherence protocol for uniprocessor simple.
IO Subblock- IO techniques – stops polling DMA Synchronous vs. Asynchronous IO Controllers.
Peripherals- Disk drives Units – impact dept . of transporation matrix ink jet laser Plotters Key boards Monitors.
Advanced Methods- Pipelining Introduction to Advanced Cpus. Computer Architecture Organization space Knol Book
CS 315- Rules of Data Base Programs Course Contents-
Overview of file organisation techniques- sequential direct found hashed inverted B-trees.
Data models- relational community hierarchical.
Relational model- algebra calculus usual forms. Implementation connected with query languages basic safety and protection connected with data recovery methods.
Concurrent operations on data bottoms introduction to distributed data bottom systems case research. Books and References-
Third. El. Masri and S. N. Navathe. Fundamentals of Data Foundation Systems Benjamin Cummings 1989. H. F. Korth and A. Silberschatz. Data source Concepts 2nd Model Mcgraw Hill 1991. J. Deborah. Ullman. Principles of Data source and Knowledge Base Programs Vol. I II Laptop or computer Science Press 1988.
Databases Management Systems DBMS Knol Book CS 330- Systems Course Contents-
Approach management- process synchronization and also mutual exclusion 2 process solution along with Dekkers algorithm semaphores examples producer-consumer readers-writer food philosophers etc..
CPU scheduling- multiprogramming and time spreading scheduling approaches SJF FIFO round robin etc..
InputOutput- product controllers and gadget drivers disks different devices.
Memory operations- with and with out swapping virtual ram – paging and segmentation page replacement algorithms enactment.
File systems- FS services disk space supervision directory and data construction.
Deadlocks- modeling detection in addition to recovery prevention and avoidance.
Example Systems- Unix MSDOS. Books and also References-
J. Peterson A. Silberschatz and S. Galvin. Operating System Concepts Addison Wesley Third Edition 1989. M. M. Bach. Design of the actual Unix Operating System Prentice Hall of India 1986. A. Silberschatz and P. Galvin. Operating System Methods Addison Wesley 4th Edition Early 90s.
CS 335- Principles connected with Compiler Design Course Items-
Compiler structure- analysis-synthesis model of system various phases of an compiler tool based way of compiler construction.
Lexical study- interface with feedback parser and symbol stand token lexeme and behaviour. Difficulties in sentence analysis. Error credit reporting. Implementation. Regular classification Transition diagrams LEX.
Syntax analysis- CFGs ambiguity associativity precedence top down parsing recursive descent parsing change for better on the grammars predictive parsing bottom up parsing operator precedence grammars LR parsers Slr camera LALR LR YACC.
Syntax directed definitions- inherited and synthesized attributes dependency data evaluation order base up and roller evaluation of qualities L- and S-attributed definitions.
Form checking- type program type expressions architectural and name equivalence of types type transformation overloaded functions and also operators polymorphic functions.
Run time system- hard drive organization activation shrub activation record parameter moving past symbol table active storage allocation.
Intermediate code generation- intermediate representations translation of terms assignments control stream boolean expressions and method calls. Implementation troubles.
Code generation and also instruction selection- difficulties basic blocks and flow graphs signup allocation code era dag representation of software programs code generation via dags peep hole search engine optimization code generator generators specifications of machine. Books and References-
The. V. Aho R. Sethi as well as J. D. Ullman. Compilers- Principles Techniques and Instruments Addison-Wesley 1988. C. Fischer and R. LeBlanc. Crafting the Compiler Benjamin Cummings 1991. C. Fischer and R. LeBlanc. Creating a Compiler in Chemical Benjamin Cummings. A. G. Holub. Compiler Design in D Prentice-Hall Inc. 1993. Appel. Modern day Compiler Implementation in D- Basic Design Cambridge Mass media. Appel. Modern Compiler Implementation within Java- Basic Layout Cambridge Press. Fraser and Hanson. A Retargetable C Compiler- Design and Implementation Addison-Wesley. Dhamdhere. Compiler Construction McMillan India. Holmes. Object Oriented Compiler Development Prentice Hall. Holmes. Building your Compiler with C Prentice Hall. Wirth. Compiler Design Addison-Wesley. Wilhelm and Maurer. Compiler Design Addison-Wesley. Some other book on Compilers- look at central library Mention of Programming Languages- seek central library. You could possibly look at comp.compilers newsgroup from time to time- .
CS 340- Idea of Computation Training Contents-
Models of calculation — classification properties in addition to equivalences.
Regular languages models- finite state devices deterministic and non-deterministic regular grammars frequent expressions equivalence of deterministic and non-deterministic machines and of a few models. Properties- closure decidability minimality of automata iteration theorems.
Recursive as well as recursively enumerable sets models- turing devices grammars recursive functions their equivalence. Churchs thesis. Properties- closure decidability undecidablitynon-computability understanding of reductions.
Context-free languages types- grammars including different regular forms pushdown automata and their equivalence. Components- closure iteration theorems parsing. Books and References-
C. Papadimitrou in addition to C. L. Lewis. Portions of Theory of Calculation Prentice-Hall 1981. J.E. Hopcroft and J.D. Ullman. Summary of Antomata Theory Languages of Computations Addison-Wesley 1979. American indian edition available from Narosa. Gemstones 345- Algorithms II Structure- 3-0-2-0 Academic Load12 Weightage4 Prerequisite- CS 201 CS 210 Course Articles-
Max Flows- Optimum Flows Ford-Fulkerson and bipartite coordinating. Linear Algebra- LUP decomposition inverting matrices. Fast Fourier Convert. Polynomial multiplication integer multiplication and division. Number-theoretic Methods- GCD Modulo arithmetic Chinese remaindering RSA. Linear Coding- formulation simplex primal-dual.
Geometric sets of rules- convex hull closest match intersection of brand segments polygon triangulation. Randomized Algorithms- identification testing primality and min-cut. Approximation Formulas- max-cut tsp vertex-cover etc. Backtracking.
Various other topics- these may incorporate string matching similar algorithms amortized analysis for example. Books and References-
Cormen Leiserson along with Rivest. Algorithms MIT Press 1990. A. V. Aho M. E. Hopcroft and J. D. Ullman. The Design along with Analysis of Computer Formulas Addison Wesley 1974. E. Horowitz in addition to S. Sahni. Fundamentals laptop or computer Algorithms Galgotia 1991.
CS Three hundred and fifty- Principles of Computer programming Languages Course Subject matter-
The basic thrust of the course will be in learning the exceptional techniques in the different paradigms and also what semantic and obtaining issues come up inside various languages regarded as.
Imperative Languages- block structure scope rules parameter passing constructs like coroutines tasks etc.
Functional coding- functions recursion macros user-defined control constructs increased order constructs types data abstraction polymorphism semantics enactment issues.
Declarative programming- declarative coding Horn clauses procedural interprettation connected with Horn clauses SLD-resolution including marriage the logical varied implementation issues- summary machines and obtaining to abstract devices.
Object-oriented programming- objects and programming with materials classes and instances hierarchies and inheritance encapsulation semantics of OO languages and rendering issues. Books and References-
D. A. Watt. Programming Languages as well as Paradigms Prentice-Hall 1990. J. LLoyd. Foundations associated with Logic Programming Springer Verlag 84. M. Hennessey. The Semantics associated with Programming Languages David Wiley 1990. Luca Cardelli and P. Wegner. In Understanding Types Data Abstraction and Polymorphism Computing Surveys 174 pp 471 1985. Chemical. Reade. Elements of Functional Coding Addison Wesley 1989. L. C. Paulson. Milliliter for Working Coder Cambridge University Press 1991. M. Stroustrup. The C Programming Terminology Addison Wesley.
Computer Programs and Development Languages – Knol Guide
CS 355- Programming Resources and Techniques Course Contents-
Software program mangement tools such as SCCS making Programming tools such as Perl TclTk Proramming in the windows natural environment Document preparation programs such as tex and metafont Programming pearls.
CS 360- Introduction to Computer Design and Simulation Course Contents-
Introduction to Image Synthesis and Analysis. Conceptual Framework of an Online Graphical Simulation Program. Graphics hardware. Basic Raster Graphics Algorithms. Introduction to Simple Raster Graphics Package deal SRGP. Graphics Entities. Geometric Transformations. Object pecking order. Segmentation. Interaction Techniques. Geometric Modeling in 3-D. Observing in 3-D. Concept of Manufactured Camera. Dialogue Design. Graphics User Interfaces. Windowing Systems.
Graphical Custom modeling rendering of Discrete activities. Simulation of Distinct Event Displays. Computer animation Techniques. Basic Rules for Animation. Visual Simulation of ongoing motion. Role regarding Virtual Reality throughout Graphical Simulation. Books in addition to References-
James N. Foley Andries VanDam Feiner Steven K. and Gaines John F. Laptop or computer Graphics- Principle and use Addison-Wesley Publishing House. Foley and also VanDam. Fundamentals of Involved Computer Graphics Addison-Wesley. Rogers Deborah. F. Procedural Portions of Computer Graphics McGraw Incline. Dennis Harris. Computer Graphics and also Applications Hearn and Baker. Computer Graphics Prentice Lounge of India.
Precious stones 365- Artificial Intelligence Training course Contents-
Introduction to AI. Agents and environments. Problem solving simply by search uninformed look for informed heuristic search confined satisfaction problems adversarial look for Knowledge representation in addition to reasoning rule based representations logical formalisms frames or object oriented devices network based techniques and mixed representations. Theorem-proving. Understanding bases and professional systems. Overview of LISP and PROLOG. Reasoning in doubtful environments. Planning communication and multiagent systems. Learning. Vision. Natural Language Processing. Books and Recommendations-
Charniak and Mcdermott. Introduction to Unnatural Intelligence Addison-Wesley 1985. Ginsburg. Requirements of Artificial Intelligence Morgan Kaufmann 1993. Winston. Artificial Brains 3rd Edition Addison Wesley 92.
CS 422- Computer Structure Course Contents-
Intro- Overview of Computer Structure Performance evaluation involving processors pipelining super-pipelines Advanced pipelines static and energetic scheduling instruction-level parallelism loop unrolling VLIW as well as Super scalar processors Vector digesting and array running.
Memory- bandwith troubles memory organization storage cache coherence Symmetric multiprocessors SMP NUMA-MPs Massively similar processors Cache coherence practices Interconnection networks IO processing multiprocessing multiplexing Degrees of contemporary architectures RAS Reliability Supply Scalability features. Computer Buildings Organization – Knol Ebook
CS 425- Computer Communities Course Contents-
Arrival history and development of pc networks networks topologies.
Physical Layer- theoretical basis transmitting media analog tranny digital transmission switching.
MAC layer- Aloha standards local area networks — Ethernet small ring FDDI. Data link stratum- sliding window practices.
Network layer- nav algorithms congestion manage algorithms internetwroking — bridges along with routers.
Transport covering. Session presentation along with application Layers. Usage of TCPIP protocol suite since running example.
Introduction to Back button.25 ISO protocols. Books in addition to References-
A. Ersus. Tannenbaum. Computer Networks 2nd Edition Prentice-Hall 1988. D. Elizabeth. Comer. Internetworking with TCP-IP- Principles Practices and Architecture Vol I 2nd Edition Prentice Lounge 1991. D. E. Comer in addition to D. L. Stevens. Internetworking with TCP-IP- Design Implementation as well as Internals Vol II Prentice Hall 1990. N. Bertsekas and R. Gallagar. Data Networks 2nd Edition Prentice Corridor 1992. W. Ur. Stevens. UNIX Network Programming Prentice Corridor 1990.
CS 455- Software Architectural Course Contents-
This system will cover the techniques pertaining to development of software methods commonly referred to as Software Executive. It is intended to supply the students both understanding of and practical experience with the design and growth and development of production quality application. The software engineering strategies taught in the class will be applied on a considerable team project.
Course topics will be as follows- Software development existence cycle Process models Requirements Specifications Software design Structured development and implementation Assessment Verification and affirmation Software Metrics Computer software Project management. Books and Recommendations-
Pankaj Jalote. An Integrated Approach to Computer software Engineering 2nd version Narosa Publishing House. Ersus. L. Pfleeger. Software Anatomist MacMillan Publishing Company 1988. Roger Pressman. Software Engineering- A Practitioners Approach 4th edition McGraw-Hill Publishing. Ghazzi.
Software Anatomist Testing and Project Management – Knol Book
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Banifit of safaid mosly in urdu

Banifit of safaid mosly in urdu

Online Advertising Companies enable internet based business. Without advertising whether conventional or online there would be nowhere near the level of sales activity that there is today. We must count on word of mouth and in some cases if you should employed an army of product sales men and women going all-around to receive your company or product acknowledged theyd achieve only a fraction that can be reached by harnessing the facility for the Entire world Vast Web.
Some web-site owners essentially do their own over the internet promoting but there is certainly now a increasing trend of on-line companies that favor to make use of the services of expert On the internet Advertising Organizations. While it isnt specifically hard to do your own private on the net advertising its very time consuming demanding hrs of the time that you simply could otherwise usefully use to focus on other significantly more critical areas of operating your organization. Banifit of safaid mosly in urdu
Making use of Internet Advertising Corporations makes wonderful business enterprise sensation in many means. Not only does it free up your own time however it also usually means that you can avail your company the services of a expert expert staff of promoting analysts who know their trade inside out.
The certainly amazing issue about promoting on the net is the fact that its very expense powerful. Should you take the time to get a instant to think about standard promoting youll see what I suggest. With typical promoting to succeed in viewers of any first rate size and one that comprises plenty of profits likely taking into consideration that almost all folks would not be interested in the product or service youll have to promote on a considerable scale. Were speaking about factors like national radio nationwide Television plus the nationwide press. The challenge with all those naturally is the fact that therere all so pricey.
Because Via the internet Marketing Companies utilize the power on the internet which happens to be in essence a free of cost media theyre able to attain a far more substantial viewers for your fraction of what standard promoting would expenses. But far more importantly it enables truly targeted advertising and marketing. To put it differently you possibly can immediate your adverts at men and women who are definitely considering what it can be you have to promote. The end result is more fee beneficial promoting and greater profits.
There are actually a lot of different ways to via the internet advertising and marketing some much less expensive than many others. Get article composing for example. If you should have the talent and know-how to write your individual profits copy guide marketing can expenditure practically nothing other than certainly your time. Then there is email promoting.
This is a second reduced fee form of marketing but again it does take time to build and deliver each particular person e mail not to mention acquiring a sizable sufficient list of possible clients e mail addresses to begin with. The top On the net Advertising Providers would provide the two of those sorts of promoting within their portfolio of various methodologies. The difference is the fact they would have professional qualified writers within their employ for creating specialized knowledgeable posts and theyd have a team of project managers for formulating and administering email campaigns.
Youll find so many several styles of promoting ways that it might get a long time of practice to become proficient in them all. Moreover to e-mail marketing and report composing you can find spend per click search motor optimization social online site advertising paid and absolutely free on-line directories affiliate marketing online cellphone promoting … the listing is seemingly endless.
The best advertising campaigns will often be a mixture of these diverse methodologies so just contemplate how extended it will consider you to familiarize by yourself with all of them far better than to try Online Marketing Providers that are by now au fait with all of such different procedures. Dont just will they know how to employ them nevertheless they may also possess a excellent instinct for which specified methodologies to blend and use for finest impact inside your individual campaigns.
A different advertising markets which is just about extremely hard to faucet into yourself is multilingual marketing. A great deal is made of the so-called global village which has been produced by the Entire world Wide Internet. It indicates that there is an massive marketplace to choose from in cyberspace just waiting for being tapped into. But except if it is easy to communicate Mandarin or Urdu or no matter what you happen to be certainly not likely to be capable to communicate correctly. Yet this can be one more area in which the major world-wide-web advertising and marketing suppliers will help.
One belonging to the most vital issues for many web site owners when it comes down to on-line advertising and marketing is becoming a good recent on their marketing investments. Should you dedicate a fortune on merchandising however it will get you no good results youll find it only a waste of time and money. You might equally as perfectly preserve by yourself each of the hassle and simply just set light to some dollar expenditures alternatively. Exact end result.
If then again you decide to bite the bullet therefore you seek the services of among the best web-based advertising and marketing organisations you stand a far better possibility of gaining powerful marketing that may lead to greater profits. The fact is the extra profits that you get from a increased revenue will need to in excess of compensate for the value of hiring your marketing companion in the first place. To put it differently this isnt just an price its an investment.
You could get other perks also from teaming up using the most effective online world promoting companies advantages that effect with your websites operation. Element of reliable search motor optimization is getting positive that your websites operates at its optimum preferred. So a quality world wide web marketing and advertising firm may also benefit you to wonderful tune your website by making sure that it employs one of the best coding and that you simply make use of the most beneficial key phrases strategically dispersed during your online pages. Another matter theyll do can be to investigate your conversion fee. This is actually the romance between site visitors and having to pay clients. If it truly is also very low they could counsel and apply tweaks in your webpage to boost the visitor working experience and assistance to lead them into putting that every one essential order.
In other words the top online world advertising and marketing organisations do in excess of just assist you with the promoting. They may assistance you and enable you to reach new heights in gross sales in spite of everything it is just as considerably within their curiosity as it is in yours to find out that your online business is powerful.
Banifit of safaid mosly in urdu

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