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Alsi khane ke fayede hindi me

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I am a united states woman who was given birth to in the midst of Americas -Heartland.-I spent my youth just like any other gal being fixated with all the glamour of living in -the big city.-Eventually I moved to Florida and on to Southerly Beach of Arkansas a hotspot for those picking out the -glamorous life.-Naturally I did what exactly most average American girls do. I actually focused on my appearance and appeal basing my self-worth on how much focus I got from other people.I worked out fanatically and became a private trainer acquired a trendy waterfront residence grew to be a regular -exhibiting- beach-goer and was able to attain a -living-in-style- style of life.

Years passed only to realize that our scale of self-fulfillment and happiness slid down the a lot more I progressed in my -feminine appeal.- I was a slave to fashion. I became a hostage to my own looks. Alsi khane ke fayede hindi me
As the difference continued to steadily widen between my own self-fulfillment and lifestyle We sought refuge in escapes from booze and parties in order to meditation activism and substitute religions only to have the little gap broaden to what seemed like any valley.I sooner or later realized it all had been merely a pain great rather than an effective therapy.
By now it was November 11 2001.As I witnessed the coming barrage on Islam Islamic valuations and culture as well as the infamous declaration of the particular -new crusade- I began to notice something referred to as Islam.Up until that point just about all I had associated with Islam has been women covered inside -tents- wife beaters harems and also a world of terrorism.
As a feminist libertarian with an activist who was seeking a better world for many my path crossed with that of another capitalist who was already with the lead of indiscriminately continuing causes of reform and also justice for all.My spouse and i joined in the continuing campaigns of the new mentor which included at the time election change and civil privileges among others.Now the new activism was essentially different.Instead of -selectively- suggesting justice only to a number of I learned that ideals such as justice flexibility and respect are supposed to be and are primarily universal and that own good and typical good are not in conflict.For the first time I believed what -all people are made equal- really means.Most importantly I found that it only takes faith to determine the world as one and also to see the unity with creation.
One day I found a book that is in a negative way stereotyped in the West–The Holy Quran.I was first attracted by the style and method of the Quran and then captivated by its prospect on existence life creation and the romantic relationship between Creator along with creation.I found the particular Quran to be a very helpful address to basis without the need for an interpreter or pastor.
Eventually I hit an instant of truth-my new-found self-fulfilling activism was nothing more than simply embracing a hope called Islam where I can live in peace like a -functional- Muslim.

I boughta wonderful long gown and head cover resemblingthe Islamic womans dress computer code and I walked around the same streets as well as neighborhoods where only days earlier I had walked in my short bikini or -elegant- western business attire.However the people the faces and also the shops were all exactly the same one thing was remarkably distinct–I was not–nor was this peace at as being a woman I seasoned for the very first time.I felt as if the particular chains had been busted and I was ultimately free.I was thrilled with the new appears of wonder on peoples faces rather than the looks of an hunter watching his prey I had the moment sought.Suddenly a had been lifted down my shoulders.I no longer spent my time consumed having shopping makeup receiving my hair completed and working out. Last but not least I was free.
Of the places I found our Islam at the heart of what a number of call -the most scandalous put on earth- so that it is all the more dear along with special.
While proud of Hijab I became curious about Niqab seeing an increasing number of Muslim girls in it. I asked our Muslim husband who I married when i reverted to Islam whether I would wear Niqab or just be happy with the Hijab I was presently wearing.My husband merely advised me that he believes Hijab is mandatory within Islam while Niqab is not.During the time my Hijab consisted of go scarf that covered all my hair with the exception of my face plus a loose long dark-colored gown called -Abaya- in which covered all my system from neck to toe.
A year-and-a-half passed and i also told my husband I desired to wear Niqab.My explanation this time was which i felt it would be a lot more pleasing to Allah the actual Creator increasing my feeling of peace on being more modest.He supported our decision and involved to buy an -Isdaal- a loose dark gown that insures from head to toe as well as Niqab which covers all my go and face with the exception of my eyes.
Soon enough news started smashing about politicians Vatican clergymen libertarians in addition to so-called human rights and freedom activists condemning Hijab at times in addition to Niqab at others to be oppressive to women a hurdle to social integration and more recently for an Egyptian official referred to as it—a sign of backwardness.-
I have found it to be a blatant hypocrisy any time Western governments and so-called human rights groups rush to defend girls rights when several governments impose a clear dress code on women yet these -freedom fighters- look the other way when women are now being deprived of their proper rights work and training just because they opt to exercise their straight away to wear Niqab or Hijab.These days women in Hijab or even Niqab are being increasingly prohibited from work along with education not only under totalitarian regimes such as in Tunisia Morocco along with Egypt but also throughout Western democracies such as People from france Holland and The british isles.
Today I am even now a feministbut the Muslim feministwho cell phone calls on Muslim girls to assume their responsibilities in providing all of the support they can for husbands to be very good Muslims. To raise their children because upright Muslims so they could be beacons of light for all humankind once again. To enjoin good–any good–and to help forbid evil–any evil.To talk righteousness and to speak against all ills.To address for our right to use Niqab or Hijab and to you need to our Creator no matter what way we chose.And importantly to carry your experience with Niqab or Hijab to be able to fellow women who may never have had the chance to understand what wearing Niqab or maybe Hijab means to us in addition to why do we so dearly embrace it.
Most of the women I am aware wearing Niqab are European revertssome of with whom are not even wedded.Others wear Niqab without having full support associated with either family or even surroundings.What we just about all have in common is that it may be the personal choice of everyone of us which its unlikely that any of us is willing to surrender.
Willingly as well as unwillingly women are bombarded with varieties of -dressing-in-little-to-nothing- virtually in every ways of communication everywhere in the planet.As an ex non-Muslim We insist on womens to equally know about Hijab it is virtues and the peace and happiness it brings to a womans living as it did to mine.Yesterday the particular bikini was this symbol of my liberty when in truth it only opened me from my personal spirituality and correct value as a reputable human being.
I couldnt be happier to drop my bikini throughout South Beach along with the -glamorous- Western lifestyle to reside peace with the Creator and enjoy located among fellow humans as a worthy particular person.It is why I select to wear Hijab and why I will die protecting my inalienable right to don it.
Today Hijab is the fresh symbol of girls liberation to find that she is what the woman purpose is and also the type of relation your woman chooses to have with her Creator.
To ladies who surrender to the ugly stereotype against the Islamic modesty of Hijab I say-You dont know what you will be missing.
To you this ill-fated corrupting conquerors of civilization so-called crusaders I say-BRING IT ON.
Sara Bokker is really a former actressmodelfitness instructor along with activist. Currently Sara will be Director of Sales and marketing communications at The March Intended for Justice a new co-founder of The Global Sisters Network along with producer of the notorious Shock Awe Gallery.In Alsi khane ke fayede hindi me

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Alsi khane ke fayede hindi me

Allow us to now illustrate the things i said in Writing Knols- Format Them First. I actually said that the first thing to complete is to choose a matter. Suppose I choose Water The best Tonic For Health. Right now let us make a sensitive outline-
1-Introduction- Remind those who they are ignoring the maximum fluid for their wellness. 2-Water is important for kidneys mans poison-filter. 3-Water is important for maintaining fluid sense of balance of body. 4-All bodily processes need water. 5-Conclusion- Beverage at least 4 to 8 litters of water everyday.
The next activity is definitely investigation and number of information. Almost any health practitioner or nurse will be able to give you information as well as guide you to appropriate books technical and also popular for further details. Most books about physical fitness which abound in our generation as well as health-related magazines will also offer a lot of information. Alsi khane ke fayede hindi me Also even family-magazines will give a good intermittent article on this matter.
The next step is to change and expand the actual if necessary the earlier prepared outline in the Knol.In our case just about any investigation will reveal that water plays a fantastic part in disease prevention. It performs this role since they can be the most important medium associated with washing cleaning and hygiene. Quite a lot of bacterias can be washed out by ordinary flowing water to levels risk-free for the body.
The knowledge mentioned above is quite shocking yet too vital that you be overlooked and as a consequence it can be added like a new point in any other case it can replace level 4 in our put together. The option is your own property. I consider this level so important that I opt to write an entire report on the topic of Water your great friend against germs. I feel that providing this as a distinct article will be a excellent help to readers in your country where disease-causing creatures are widespread. The poor country can save a lot of cash spent on expensive medicines simply by encouraging correct washing habits.
I therefore leave your Knol-outline untouched. The tips and statistics gathered is secure in my journal. If such information will be jotted down on equipment of paper that they develop a tendency to vanish when most necessary wasting a lot of time. Therefore I advise that anyone buy a couple of schedules or note publications.
Just as I decided never to revise the format. I also decided not to increase the Knol. In many cases I do both – revision as well as expansion. By experience you will also get sound advice.
Now that the groundwork is over I begin working on the Knol itself. The primary draft will have several imperfections and my mind urges me to be able to pause at every period to iron available these problems. Experience provides told me that it is more vital at this stage to complete this Knolso that I might see it as a whole unit just before I work upon the parts. The first draft is ready in about two hours. To expect five pages long all around 2000 words. The final draft will have in relation to six handwritten or even three typed websites. This will be about 1999 to 2400 words which I would consider a sensible length for an typical Knol.
Instead of revising along with polishing this set up of the Knol immediately. My partner and i take a short separate of fifteen minutes to be able to about an hour. This refreshes my head and makes me more alert to continue on the work. Then I pick-up the work reread that and make corrections add ons and deletions liberally on the same sheets of paper. Once this is over I immediately come up with a neat and clean copy. This can be my semi-final draft.
Regarding the majority of my Knols My spouse and i place them in a declare few days and sleep over thewrite-up. This provides me time to indicate over what I have written. Further when I revise my Knol after a few nights or even weeks my mind has been detached sufficiently to look at it objectively. This gives me to spot many omissions and obscure promises that were difficult to position when the subject was still being fresh in my mind. I make corrections along with the final tuning. This project has achieved a conclusion. My partner and i immediately publish the particular Knol.
The total time with regard to doing all this will be around 10 to 20 hrs but with maturing habits and insights it might come down even to four hours but that will be quite a distance from today.
The above mentioned illustration is only for your illumination. The purpose should be to give you general recommendations not to show strictly fixed patterns. Go ahead and experiment and be accommodating but do not compromise while using quality and written content of what you produce.
Ok ill remind you once again- do not avoid outline-making. Limiting in this matter will undoubtedly defeat your purpose. Equally A HOUSE CANNOT BE Created WITHOUT A PLAN AKNOLCANNOT Come in WITHOUT AN OUTLINE

Many Precautions- Every factual writer should dont forget to make his study thorough. Since you are writing about preexisting subjects a few that your statements in addition to data are correct. This is a very bad account to your reliability if one makes mistakes. Also check all the preexisting Knols related to your subject unless you produce an imperfect and reinvented wheel which usually nobody cares to study.
While no author can be entirely correct all his existence repeated mistakes and too obvious errors point to careless do the job and sloppy imagining. Such writers before long loose credibility plus the demand for their articles or blog posts. Editors soon commence avoiding them.
One other thing remember is to produce everything in your own phrases. Do not copy other peoples writings verbatim. Partly a sign if your incompetence but is also a crime. Google will probably ban you for life in case a serious case involving plagiarism is demonstrated in any of your Knols.
Further if your feel that a particular affirmation of another writer is indeed special that it should be given as it is on your readers you should put it as a quotation and provide full credit towards the author from whom you have taken this offer.
Before closing Ive got to remind you once more to choose a few elements of your interest pertaining to writingKnols so that you do not become a jack of all positions but be lowered to master of nothing. Just as specialization is critical in other professional areas writing additionally calls for specialization for most your articles.
An unedited edition of this Knol is available in

Shastris Guides — Instructions To Writing Useful Knols
Shastri JC PhilipPhD ThD DSc has been a Knol article author since the platforms public release in the middle of 2008. He or she hascontributed numerous Knolswith numerous being awarded the actual coveted Top Pick badge simply by Googles Knol algorithm with regard to quality. These honors and the cumulative page-views cause him to one of the top Knol authors.
He is the most publicized Indian apologist and obtains more than 100Thousand downloads per year for his apologetics ebooks which can be now used by more than 40 Bible Colleges as free text book.
He has published over 70 books and more than 7000 articles in English Hindi and Malayalam dialects. His works happen to be translated into many languages. All their works are available underneath Creative Commons copyright. You can observe more of his performs at Apologetics Courses as well as Free Courses

Anand Philip can be a medical doctor and the Health-related Officer at Sankeshwar Mission Hospital Sankeshwar. He can expect soon to move to help Bangalore India to continue his or her higher studies. He is a bibliophile and author. He is interested in ebooks of a wide range and hopes to make prepared contribution in an equally wide range of subject. You can see his blog in Anand Philip
Alsi khane ke fayede hindi me

Beta Glucan Immune System Booster

 Beta Glucan Immune System Boosters 
Listed In Order Of Effectiveness

Positions & Ranks in the table below are based on major
university in vivo experiments in a side-by-side competitive
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Munkha daac ke benefit hindi

The tough economic situation and the rise in unemployment price are making it unattainable for people to pay off big debts. A lot of people have taken out there loans and debts to fulfill their financial needs. But the rates of interest are high and the wages are low which are creating damage to the people who need to make the payments.
Under these circumstances refinancing home loan is a ray regarding hope for most of the people who will be in debt and they view it is an opportunity to pay back the existing loan. The blessing is that without paying off of the previous loan you receive a new one which covers the earlier loan and leaves you actually with extra cash in front of you.
The home refinancing financial products are being seen as a good opportunity towards prosperity as many people will use this loan pertaining to college education refurnishing the house and gain more equity through increasing its benefit. Munkha daac ke benefit hindi If you own a house in Texas and so are currently in debt obtaining Texas home re-financing loan might be the critical.
There are a lot of benefits it is possible to reap from this type of loan. The greatest benefit of applying for a Colorado home refinancing bank loan is that it offers lower interest rates as compared to the frequent or the first loan due to the well-disposed market tendencies. A low interest rate means a smaller amount amount of money to give inside form of monthly payments therefore much more cash in palm.
There are two Texas household refinancing loan options available for a refinancing mortgage-
The rate and period refinance
Second home equity loan
These two kinds of loans let the consumer choose which option fits him better along with both have different negative and positive aspects with them. It really is up to the person to choose which one will verify more favorable for your ex.The rate and time period refinancing means the actual borrower can pay a lesser amount of interest rate for the present loan thus doing the time period longer. This is actually the most viable choice for those who are feeling a monetary crunch and need to secure a relaxed interest rate.
A refinancing home equity loan enables the borrower to become more money against the value of your home which is the same as its total worth plus the cost of advancements on it. This money may be used by the person to get rid of the prior loan and then even more in investments. A persons vision rate for this loan is slightly above the rate and period loan.
Some people conisder that applying for a Texas home refinancing mortgage loan is a mistake since spreads the amount of money being paid off over a any period of time. They feel it is like residing your entire money in debt. For others it is a excellent opportunity get the monthly interest lowered and take pleasure in the additional money at hand. In case you have accumulated a large number of bad debts over the years this is a excellent opportunity to combine these individuals and pay a lower interest rate than the merged interest rate of all the lending products. Munkha daac ke benefit hindi

Kacchi haldi ke phyde

Head related issuesBaldness TreatmentEmpty stomatch 1 Spoon Ghee in warm water Black Til White Til Mix Both or take indv Morning and Eve1 Week 12 Sp 2 Week 1 Sp 3 Week 1-12 Sp 4.Week 2 Sp Trifla Powder 1 SP in evening lack of memory electrical powerMemory EnhancementMucus in brain provides nourishment and using the age air increases and dries that mucus. Memory loss and other predicament increases. White Pumpkin destroys gas and increases memory and aids in congnitive capabilities Logical1 Ghee in morningGotukula Brahmi ————————— Malkangani seeds powder ————————— 4 ——————————————— one cup of water or milk mix the above and boil and then filter and drink 2 times a day for 6-10 Months. Kacchi haldi ke phyde snayu sansthan weakness Migraine issues Dizziness Troubles Hair concerns Early White Hairs Dandraf troubles Hair Shampoo Hair Oil Eyes Challenges Ears Issues Nose ConcernsTo open nose Camel Urine ———————————– —————————– 1- drops within the nose. continue soon after each three hoursyou can replace camel urine with Caster oil.Press middle finger middle portion 6 instances for reliefTo open congested nose and quit lousy breath from the nose———————————– —————————– 2 —————————- make bag of this mix and warm it up and do hot massage on the nose working with this bag.Apply ginger juice and press on nose 2-3 occasions per day Nose Bleeding Pitta is higher that can all round maximize heat in the body which will trigger forhead and palms hot. ————————-2 —————————— —————————— —————————————- Pressure pointPress left hand thumb best portion 6 occasions. Running nose watery eyes and nose continuous sneezing – —————————— ——————————— . Pressure pointPrime left middle finger press 6 times. Tooth Challenges Tooth Achetake a piece of ginger and salt. Heat them on. Preserve this salted and heated ginger in amongst the teeth where pain is and press it so the juice comes out. Allow the juice to have into the aching tooth. Correct hand thumb on 1st line press six occasions.Daant Dard-Haldi ka powder one C.Long ka powder .five CKali Mirch one C.Namak 34 C Mix and apply on Teeth and let it sit to get a whileThumb ke paas wali ungli ka pahala porva point Mouth Concerns Throat TroublesThyroid3 Times per day juice of followingCarrot beetroot cabbage gingerMulathi ———————————– —————————– —————————- Brahmi——————————– one 6 almonds three cardamom three Dates two paste and mix with water and drinkPressure pointfrom the base of your thumb make a straight line towards finger and quit in between 3rd and 4th finger. Press that point six occasions on both hands.When your kid is cold and acquiring cough Ginger————————————– 2 ————————————– one ————————————– two comon salt——————————- Mix the many details and apply around the chest with the child.Also cold with cough Ginger————————————– one ————————————– one ————————————– 1 Honey———————————————- one one to 34 Chammach of this mixture give 4-6 instances a day.Dry Cough —————————————————- ———————————————————— ———————————————————- – Lungs Issues Heart Associated Issues Liver Dilemma ——————————————– ——————————————–2 powder ——————————————– – - – … – Green Coriander ————– ——————————————–2 ——————————————–1 – – Middle finger. .Indigestion acid reflex headaches stomatch bloating mood swingsDry Ginger ——————————— ten gm Black Pepper —————————— 10 gm Long Pepper —————————— ten gm Cumin —————————— 60 gm Black Salt —————————— 30 gm 1.5 tsp in 14 cup water – Periods bleeding -jeera — — — — —-Harmonal imbalance ladies10 minutes soak the following in 12 glass water and take 3 occasions every day———————————— —————————– —————————- 4 ——————————– 1 —————————–

Head connected difficulties
lack of memory power Memory Enhancement
Mucus in brain supplies nourishment and with all the age air increases and dries that mucus. Memory loss and other issue increases. White Pumpkin destroys gas and increases memory and aids in congnitive skills Logical
one Ghee in morning
Gotukula Brahmi ————————— Malkangani seeds powder ————————— 4 ——————————————— one cup of water or milk mix the above and boil and then filter and drink 2 times a day for 6-10 Months. snayu sansthan weakness Migraine concerns Headaches –
If it really is as a result of GAS Ache will keep moving —
Ginger Juice 1 tsp Elaichi Powder 12tsp Honey 1 tsp
Mix all three take 2-3 times or as required . Place your Left hand on back of your head Proper hand Finger on Aagyachakra center of forehead or tilak place and press six times.
If its a SHOOTING headache —
Dry ginger Powder 12 tsp Cumin powder 1- two tsp Elaichi Powder 12 tsp
Mix with ghee apply on ache
If its a SINUS Headache Moves from front to back to neck –
Ginger Juice one tsp Onion juice 1 tsp
Mix Apply on forehead.
Ginger Juice 1 tsp Tulsi juice 1tsp Honey one tsp Garlic 1 bulb clove
Mix drink . Press on Aagyachakra go up pressing 6 occasions. Again from Aagyachakra start pressing move down around Nose six occasions
Dizziness DifficultiesDizziness spells –
If mouth gets dry eyes flutter feel dizzy avoid fermented fried sour food also gaseous foods.
Ginger powder Saunth 2 tsp Black Pepper one tsp Pipli Long pepper one tsp Piper Longum
Mix everything take 2 pinch with Ghee or Jaggery.

Hair troublesBaldness Treatment

Empty stomatch 1 Spoon Ghee in warm water
Black Til White Til Mix The two or take indvMorning and Eve
1 Week 12 Sp2 Week 1 Spthree Week 1-12 Sp4.Week 2 Sp
Trifla Powder one SP in evening
Early White HairsNo Sour or fermented foods.
In 14 cup milk one tsp ghee
2-3 occasions a week do the following-
one. Rub temples in circular motion with Ghee press 6 occasions.two. one tsp ghee in the center on the head and start pressing. if the head soaks all ghee then add some more ghee
1-2 TSP triphala just about every night
Oil making method
50 ml coconutten ml castor ten ml almond12 cup water50 gm Bhrigraj powder50 ml Amla ras50 ml ghiya Ras
Put this on medium slow heat. Water will evaporate. Strain and use it 3 occasions a week before sleeping.
1 chammach Praval Pishti12chammach Aanvala12 chammach Bhringrajone chammach Til
Baalon ke liye Not from Pankaj Naram
Kheera Kakdi ka ras and neembu ka ras equal amount mix and apply on roots with the hairs and massage for 5-10 minutes. Dry them for 1-12 hour after which wash head with water.
Dandraf concerns Hair Shampoo Hair Oil Eyes IssuesFor eyes
two badam2 munnakka14 tsp khas khas14 tsp magaj
one hr soak in water grind and give in warm milk
This is not by Dr Pankaj Naram
Ears Difficulties
Improve hearing in Kids –
Take 24 k Gold 24 k Silver coins and boil them in 4 glass of water. Reduced it to 1glass. Strain and drink one glass in day one in eveninglittle bit whole day.
Ear-ache –
Temper few pieces of Garlic with Sesame oil. Cool Strain. Use 2-3 drops in ear then as required.
Nose Difficulties To open nose
Camel Urine ———————————– —————————– 1
- drops inside the nose. carry on soon after each and every three hoursyou can replace camel urine with Caster oil.
Press middle finger middle portion six times for relief

To open congested nose and stop bad breath from the nose———————————– —————————– 2 —————————-
make bag of this mix and warm it up and do hot massage around the nose using this bag.
Apply ginger juice and press on nose 2-3 times per day Nose Bleeding
Pitta is substantial that may all round increase heat inside the entire body which will result in forhead and palms hot.
————————-2 —————————— —————————— —————————————- Pressure pointPress left hand thumb top portion six occasions. Operating nose watery eyes and nose continuous sneezing – —————————— ——————————— .
Pressure pointBest left middle finger press six times. Bleeding from Nose –
Put cold wrap on forehead 1-2 drops of pure Ghee clarified butter in each nostril . Will see improvement in 30 – 60 seconds.

Opening Close Nose
Method 1
Camel urin — one Spoonginger juice — 12 Spoon
2 – two drops in close nose
Middle finger middle portion press 6 occasions
Method two
castrol oil – one Spoonginger juice — 12 Spoon
two – two drops in close nose
Odor from nose and nasal congestion
apply ginger juice around the nose and press 6 instances on the two side with the nose.
Blood from Nose
Ice sake on foreheadCow Ghee within the nose
Tooth Problems Tooth Achetake a piece of ginger and salt. Heat them on. Keep this salted and heated ginger in between the teeth exactly where discomfort is and press it so the juice comes out. Allow the juice to have into the aching tooth.

Ideal hand thumb on 1st line press 6 instances.
Daant Dard- Haldi ka powder 1 C.Extended ka powder .five CKali Mirch 1 C.Namak 34 C
Mix and apply on Teeth and let it sit for any while
Thumb ke paas wali ungli ka pahala porva point
Daant Dard Tooth Ache
Haldi Powder —————- 12 ChammachKaala Namak —————- 34 ChammachGulab Jal——————1-2 Chammach
Mix and apply Or gargle

Mouth ChallengesNegative Breath
Dhaniya Powder – one ChDhaniya Chatni – 1chDhaniya Seeds – 1 Chammach
6 instances every dayDaily in night one chammach Thriphala churn
Ginger murrabba one tsp two instances every day.
Press point on appropriate hand in between 2nd and third finger on the palm
Mouth Ulcers
one.6 Munnakka soak in morning and eat in evening6 Munnakka soak in evening and eat in Morning
Improve Munakka by 1 everyday then up to 21 and after that again reduce that to 6
1 tsp green dhaniya ki chatni no spices 2 instances daily
Isabghol Flex seed powder in night — 1 to two tsp

Throat Challenges Thyroidthree Occasions daily juice of followingCarrot beetroot cabbage ginger
Mulathi ———————————– —————————– —————————- Brahmi——————————– one
6 almonds three cardamom three Dates 2 paste and mix with water and drinkPressure pointfrom the base in the thumb make a straight line towards finger and cease in involving 3rd and 4th finger. Press that point 6 instances on the two hands. When your little one is cold and having cough
Ginger————————————– 2 ————————————– 1 ————————————– 2 comon salt——————————- Mix all of the details and apply on the chest of your kid.Also
cold with cough
Ginger————————————– 1 ————————————– one ————————————– 1 Honey———————————————- 1
one to 34 Chammach of this mixture give 4-6 occasions daily.
Dry Cough
—————————————————- ———————————————————— ———————————————————-

– Dry Cough
Safed Mirch — one ChammachMishri — 1 Chammach
Bhuke Pet ChusoRaat ko same.
Tonsils –
For Gargle-
—————————– ———————– ———————– Black Pepper ——————————- ———————————————- ————————————————– Salt———————————————-
Mix all together after which use one spoon of this mix in 1 glass of warm water and Gargle.
Also Take this three occasions daily- ————————– Honey ———————- one

Lungs DifficultiesAsthams
Ginger juice — one ChammachTulsi juice — one chammachHing — 2-3 pinchHoney — one chammachClove — oneGarlic — one kali
Cease sweets milk and chilled foods

Heart Connected Issues Large blood pressure ———————————– Glass —————————– —————————- ——————————– ————————————– 4 ———————————— ————————————
Pressure point
Apply on temples and naval point
High blood pressure Mouth Dry Dizziness ———————————– Glass —————————– —————————- —————————– ————————————– ———————————— Pressure pointPress six instances around the 3rd point on the right hand side shoulder to relax person.
Press six occasions in the circular motion on the temple just after applying and put on scalp too.
If there is discomfort in Chest dont know if its indigestion or chest discomfort press 6 occasions on your left hand lower middle again six occasions if pain is still there then its heart otherwise its due to indigestion Gas Acidity.
Cumin powder 1 tsp Rock sugar one tsp Ajawain 12 tsp Rock salt 12 tsp
Mix all 4 in 12 cup of water drink three instances every day for 7 days.
Cumin Powder 2-3 tsp Fennel powderr one tsp Hing 2 tsp Ginger Juice one tsp Onion juice one tsp
Mix all of the above put it on your Navel make two inch of circle around navel with this Juice.
Higher blood pressure
Cow Ghee on forehead templesalso on solar plex
Sarpgandha — 14 SJeera powder — 1 Sdwsx xDhaniya P — one SGulab – one GulabSugar – 1 SWater – 1GlassCow Ghee — 1 S
3 Times day
Pupitation Nervosness Low Blood Pressure
Tarbooj beej Powder — one chammachGud — 1 chammachsaunth — 1 chammachAjvain — one chammachLahasun fali — one kali
Ghabrahat Nervousness
Aarjun Powder — 1 chammachKaali Mirch Powder — 34 ChammachGud —- 1 ChammachTulsi Beej—- 34 ChammachMix them
Take 3 occasions each day for 7 to 10 days.
Liver Challenge ——————————————– ——————————————–2 powder ——————————————–
– -
Stomach IssuesKabj
Castrol oil ——————————— ————————————
drink to clear stomach

- … -
Green Coriander ———————————————————-2 ——————————————–1

Middle finger. . Indigestion acid reflex headaches stomatch bloating mood swings Dry Ginger ——————————— ten gm Black Pepper —————————— ten gm Prolonged Pepper —————————— 10 gm Cumin —————————— 60 gm Black Salt —————————— 30 gm 1.5 tsp in 14 cup water
To improve digestion
Dry Ginger OR Saunth ——————————— ten gm Black Pepper —————————— ten gm pipery Mul —————————— ten gm Indra Jo —————————— ten gm Kariyatu —————————— 10 gm 12-1 Spoon twice every day. For few days eat light eat easily digestible vegetables.

Other symptoms- Always Tense Mad No patience 20 year
Jeera– 1 chammachDhaniya – 1 ChMunnaka Chutney— one chKhadi Shakkar —- one chGulkand —– one chElaichi Powder —- 12 Ch
Take this with water 12 cup 3 time a day and continue for 2 months
Raise eating Gheeya Parwal Khichadi
Indegestion Acid reflex headache stomach bloating mood swing
Dry ginzer -10 gmBlack Pepper – ten gmExtended Pepper – ten gmCumin – 60 gmBlack salt – 30 gm
1-12 tsp in 14 cup water
Ulcerative colitis Asacol – steroid
Avoid gasious food.
Drink 1 glass Anar juice 3 times
one Anar skin boil with 2 glass water. Reduce to one. Wait for ten minutes. Strain and drink 3 times. In evening make again and drink.
Drink homemade shrikhand upto 3-4 spoons all day.
Kabj Dast Not by Pankaj Naram
Kaala namak Pisa huwa and hing 5-5 grams le kar make four pudiya. Ek khurak 12 chammach ki hai. Thande Pani se liya to Dast door hote hain aur garam paani se liya to Kabj door hoti hai.
Water associated issues Dast Because of dirty water

Aanar Chilka of one Aanara in small pices
Sonth 14 Ch
Jeera P. one Ch
Dhaniya P 1 chammach
Khadi Sugar one Chammach
one.five Glass water and Boil
when 13 then drink
Khurak kewal Khidi andMay be Taaja Dahi with Sonth

1 Chammach
Increase in weight and breast size
———————————- ———————————- ———————————- ———————————- ———————————- ——————————– —————————- Take in Evening and morning.
Join Palms and Thumbs together fingers crossed and press through thumb on fingers.
Over weight
cumin powder —— 1tspSaunth –14 tsphing —- 2 pinchAjvain — 14 tspLahasun ras — 14 tsp
increases metabolism burns fat burns food in 7 tissues.
four instances per day one should take this.
four kokum soak 12 hr in water. Mesh and drain water so all khatta is gone. Use paste in above and mix all.
one week zeera moong soup more water and add any spice but no khatta. Use Kokum for khatta. one day more water. 2nd day little more dal by 7th day panjabi dal.2 week vegetables. Ghiya parval Turai Kaddu.
3 week add bajri javari naachni rooti.
4 week add more dal.
To reduce weight and gas
water — 4 glassGinzer — 6 tspsPowdered jeera — 50 gm
Boil reduce it to half. Drink for three days then for seven days Moong Dal water. For 21 days just moong dal water and vegetables

Ajeerna IndigestionHarad Powder ——————– 10 gmBaheda Powder —————— 10 gmAanwala Powder —————– 10 gmSonth Powder ——————- ten gmBlack Pepper ——————–10 gmPeepal Powder —————— 10 gmPeepri Longam Powder ———- ten gm
Mix all together
12 Spoon before food together with the hot water.
Stop taking Fried fermented milk
Vayu Pradan motapaCumin powder — 300 gmFennel powder–200gmAjaivain–100 gmHing — 20 gmAlum – 5-10 gmAanvala –50 gmMulathi– 50 gm
Make 60 pudiya of this
four occasions each day soak in one glass of water and drink
For cramps and Air Bai Baadi problems
Ajwain — 14 tspSaunth — 14 tspRasna — 14 tspGarlic paste — 14 tspHing pinch
Take this one tsp in morning and evening
water — 12 cup Castor oil — 1 cup
Take this in night
Ajwain — 12 cup Saunth — 12 cup
mix and boil let it cool down after which apply to the cramped muscles
Apply above 12 inch thick layer daily.
White Patches on account of wrong eating combinations saw parasites or on account of genes
————————————– glass———————————- —————————- 50 ——————————— – 10 to 15 .
Pressure pointmiddle left finger on line on palm press six times

not contagious just cosmetic
Reduce sale intake and white factors like milk and milk products. ———————————- ———————————- ———————————- mix them and take two instances each day. In 15 to 30 days you will see results.Pressure PointBelow left hand ring finger on line press six times.
-Periods bleeding -
jeera — — — — —- Harmonal imbalance ladies
10 minutes soak the following in 12 glass water and take three instances each day-
———————————– —————————– —————————- 4 ——————————– 1 —————————–
Hot flashes and Menopause symptoms
1-tsp triphala powder in night and in morning. stomach will clean and pittal will go away. It aids in migraine too.
Mulathi —– 1chammach Brahmi——- 1 chammach Saunth — 1 chammach Hing — pinch
Barley water — 1 tsp barley boil in 2-3 glass water
Strain the water and use the mixture above to take with this water 2-3 instances per day. If there is no Barley then use plain water.
Irregular Periods
Kesar — pinchAjwain — 14 tspSaunf Badi — 1 TspJeera — one tspGud — 1 tsp

Spurm count and motility issue resolution
Fresh anwala
1week 1 anwala
2week 2 anwala

6week 6 anwala
three months do it Stress Always Tense
Goat milk — 14 cupBrahmi —- 14 tspBadam— Shankhavali – 12 TSPShankpushpi — 12 TSPElichi — 12 TSP
Left hand around the back of head and with appropriate hand 1st finger press under nose.
Do this for 7 days to two months
Naadi Shodhan Pranayaam
Dhyan aagya chakra par laga kar sukhasan main eyes band kar 3-4 baar gahari saans len.


Allergy———————————– —————————– —————————- ——————————– 3
For eyes allergy drink carrot and ginger juice
Take above three occasions a day
Black pepper 12 tsp Ghee one tsp
In morning without brush eat. Immediately after two hrs can eat drink
Whenever itches mix ghee turmeric pinch apply on area.
Ajvain ka powder Smelling Ajvain also aids in allergy – 12 Chammach Gud — 1 ChammachAdrak — one ChammachKaali Mirch Powder — 3-4 ChutkiMix and take 2-3 times daily

Feverishness and pain in physique
Adrak juice — one ChammachBasil Juice — 1 ChammachJeera Powder — one TSPB. Pepper — 14 TSPLicorice — one TSPHing — 2 pinch
2-3 occasions a dayBend your left middle finger and exactly where it touches palm press 6 times

———————————- times each day after which drink water
———————————— chammach
four instances daily

Paralysis Stroke –
12 tspAjawain12 tspSaunth1 bulbGarlic14 tspB. pepper2-3 pinchHing1-2 tspGud Jaggery
Make balls have with warm water
Epilepsy — Stiffness inlegs hands Foam from mouth tight mouth
Bhringraj Bhangre ka Juice 14 cupGoat milk12 cup
Mix drink three times per day. Mother should press Proper ear lobe lower free part 4 occasions Father two instances per day .
Brahmi Powder12 tspShankawali Powder12 tspShatawari Powder12 tspBadam6 – 8 make powder
Mix everything divide in 2 portions. Take 1 in morning 1 in evening

Bhujang Aasan Ushtra Aasan Madok Aasan

Kacchi haldi ke phyde

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