Beta Glucan is a Licensed drug in Japan
Helping in their fight against Cancer
Beta Glucan Has Shown Great Promise with Psoriasis
Psoiasis may be an Auto Immune problem
Beta Glucan Has Shown Great Promise with Lupus
Beta Glucan "calms" an "over-active" Immune System
Many Are

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Beta Glucan Immune System Booster

 Beta Glucan Immune System Boosters 
Listed In Order Of Effectiveness

Positions & Ranks in the table below are based on major
university in vivo experiments in a side-by-side competitive
RVB300 RVB300 - Beta 1,3-D Glucan and Resveratrol
Highest Quality Beta Glucan - Independently Tested
MaitakeGold 404® by Tradeworks Group Inc. - MaitakeGold 404® requires over 8 times an RVB300 serving to produce the same immune effect
Immutol® by Biotec ASA - Immutol® requires over 32 times an RVB300 serving to produce the same immune effect
RM-10™ by Garden of Life

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